Review: King’s Kaleidoscope – Live In Color


Artist: King’s Kaleidoscope
Album: Live in Color
Rating: 5/5

Being that I’m not a religious man, by any means, it’s not often that a Christian album catches my ears. However, the 10-musician eclective that is King’s Kaleidoscope is just too much to turn down. I can’t put them in a genre category, because all 6 songs on their Live In Color EP are all over the place. Everything from pop/rock, jazz, indie… if you can name it, you can probably find it on this EP.

As I stated, this is a worship album, so the lyrics speak of the musicians relationship with God. It also tells of trials and tribulations in which their faith has gotten them through. The way that this album was put together, from the vocals to the instrumentals and the production is just flawless. I was instantly impressed upon hearing “Felix Culpa”, the lead single from the album. I can definitely see something like this being the ultimate worship band of the new age. I would love to see more bands follow suit in this way, be it in religious music, pop, rock, or whatever you may like… it’s an incredibly fresh approach on music and it will open your eyes and diversify your genre-pallet for sure. Being that it’s a worship album and it speaks to me is really saying something. The beauty of the vocals, coupled with the instrumentals knows no bounds. It takes an incredible amount of persuasion, talent and musicianship for an album like this to speak to me on a personal, as well as a spiritual level. You’ll hear everything from upbeat tracks, Mumford and Son like vocals and an air of diversity that you won’t find on any other album.

Whether you’re one of strong Christian faith, a fan of worship or just love trying new things, I definitely recommend checking out Live in Color. If you’re anything like me, it will open up your eyes and show you a whole new side of music you never thought possible!

“Live in Color” (EP Stream)