Review — Messer — Messer


Artist: Messer

Album: Messer

Rating: 9/10


Opening the album is, “Throw It Away” which was great starting point with an incredible enchanting first minute intro. This delivering some gritty vocals and some octane energy and charisma leading to a great opening for the album.

Make This Life” is the bands top single on the charts right now sitting at #37 and is on regular radio play rotations. “Simple Man” is the real stand out on the album, a true rocker anthem, loud and just a brilliant approach.

Everything Beautiful” is also a stand out track due to the fact Dereak’s vocals are so drawn and aggressive they match up with the instrumentals in a timely and intense way. One of my favorite tracks hands down.

The Texas driven band has packaged up this debut album with a mix of Rock and Blues but all the album, Messer screams for you to have a voice to the point it almost pratically an anthem album which works very well for this breakout band.

The track “Whiskey” is a high octane ride. The lyrics let you know this is a track to be pumped into your eardrums.

I’m a real hellraiser since the day I was born, (Yeah) Gonna start some trouble, gonna wake up sore

This is also is another great highly driven anthem like track on the album. So pour another shot cause this track will get your adrenaline pumping. Whiskey” just adds to the appeal of this whole album, new music with a bluesy old feeling that will have you nostalgic to the days of the late 80’s early 90’s.

One More Time” is where Messer takes it down from the rather aggressive tracks previously mentioned, it’s an addition of this ballady tracks that shows their range from high adrenaline pumping to showing they can take it down and still rock it.
Overall, this album packs a punch that is really breakthrough of bands today. They are already making waves on the mainstream media and radio outlets. The single “Make This Life” is already leaving fans wanting more. The album “Messer” is an all-round great album with thundering drums, a high octane and relentless bass with some steady aggressive riffs thrown in to top it all off.

Messer is:

Dereak Messer, Lead Vocals

Donnie Deville, Guitar/Vocals

Javier Contreras, Guitar/Vocals

Kenn Youngar, Drums/Vocals

Maddox Messer, Bass/ Vocals

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