Review: MIRE – Inward/Outward


Artist: MIRE
Album: Inward/Outward
Rating: 10/10

If you’re a fan of Tool, you will definitely enjoy Montreal/Quebec’s MIRE. It’s quite clear that vocalist, JP Lachapelle, draws heavy vocal influence from the mighty Maynard James Keenan, as does the rest of the band. But if I were to sit here and say that they are a rip-off or a copy of Tool well… I would simply be wrong. While the similarities are definitely there, they are unique and a breath of fresh air in the progressive rock scene. They have taken the art that MJK perfected, that is to be able to take you on a journey through their music, and got it down to a science. With each track on their new album, Inward/Outward you will find your eyes closing, your body swaying and truly getting lost in a sense of pure musical euphoria… something we don’t find much in music these days.

I can usually name a few standout tracks on an album but with Inward/Outward, it’s simply too tough to narrow it down like that. Each track has it’s own unique flavor and place on the album. It’s not hard to see why they have become so popular in their scene and, honestly, I hope they manage to become even more popular worldwide! From the instrumentals, the vocals, the production and everything that makes this album what it is… you truly get what you pay for and, in the end, isn’t that all we’re looking for? A chance to be moved by music, to feel every desired emotion the band intends for us to feel, to get lost in how wonderful the album is? To truly understand how incredible this album and this band is, you have to hear it for yourself. So, with that in mind, what are you waiting for?! Go out and pick your copy up and discover what happens when progressive rock is done right!

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