REVIEW: The Paramedic “Diary Of My Demons”


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With a name like The Paramedic, it doesn’t seem like the kind of band to deliver pulse pounding jams like you’ll find on Diary Of My Demons. The Dayton, Ohio natives are back and better than ever with the highly anticipated follow-up to their 2012 debut album Smoke & Mirrors. This album shows an increase in sophistication and maturity that ranks among the best. The Paramedic is carving out their own unique identity and making sure that you never forget their name.

Diary Of My Demons holds onto the mix of soulful, sharp vocals and melodic, vigorous instrumentals that Smoke & Mirrors. The vocals are so much better this time around. Michael has truly improved his vocal prowess for the new album. His cleans are smoother and crisper, and his screams are sharper and more powerful than ever. The energy he puts into each song on this record is insane. Lyrically, this is the best improvement. Michael is leaving his blood, sweat, tears, and heart on this record. It’s personal and dark, but at the same time it has a light at the end of the tunnel. He’s truly getting his demons off his chest for the world to see. Of course, his vocal talents are backed up by amazing instrumentals. Jake and Sean both kill it on guitar works, proving that metalcore isn’t just a bunch of chugs and breakdowns. Brandon’s bass work is phenomenal, and Colten Terrell is astounding on drums. All in all, the combination of both make for one incredible album. The only real flaws in this album come from it feeling drawn out at times. I love every track, but it loses some of its luster in the later tracks.

All in all, this is a major improvement over the last album, which was stellar in its own right. Even with the drawn out feeling that sometimes could plague this album, I’m absolutely in love with it and highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys metal or metalcore. The Paramedic has proven that they are here to stay.