Review: A Promise to Burn – This Knife

FB_IMG_1472350461691Artist : A Promise to Burn
Album: This Knife
Rating: 5/5

When it comes to the metalcore genre, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been spoiled by the early 00’s bands, the ones who started it all. So, when I hear a band who resonates with that sound, I immediately crave to work with them. That being said, there’s no way around saying that St. Louis’ A Promise to Burn, is a band that was industry ready from the get-go. Vocalist Bastian Combs has one of the most impressive transitions from screams to clean vocals, that I’ve heard in a good while. Clearly borrowing influences from bands like early Asking Alexandria, In Dying Arms and Attila… their sound is something that bands in this genre strive to achieve for YEARS, but never really get there. With their debut EP This Knife, they give us 6 songs that could knock most of today’s biggest bands in the genre on their asses. Produced, mixed and Mastered by Jake Nolan (Suppy Dudes), who also manages the band, it’s clear that he has major aspirations for them, and they are determined to carry those out. Already having played with Asking Alexandria (where Combs joined them on stage to do guest vocals), I’d say they’re off to a wonderful start! While they’ll tell you that they’re a typical metalcore band at this point in their careers, their sound, energy and live show will tell you otherwise!

If you like your metalcore nice and heavy, coupled with bouncy choruses and deep lyrics… This Knife is for you. The EP touches on the subject of cutting poison out of your life, no matter what it is. For example, you’ll quickly notice that the title track is about a failed relationship. As the two have their final argument, she walks away, and he quickly realizes just how poisonous she was to him. Determined to move on, he spends his time trying to find new ways to forget the memories he has with her, so that he can focus on his future. As the album progresses, he goes through several different emotions. In the beginning of “Dead to Me,” it seems as if he’s going through suicidal thoughts. Suicidal thoughts seemingly become homicidal, until finally he realizes he just needs to cut her out of his life completely. The EP charges through 3 more tracks, unrelenting until the very end. Each track holding more surprises than the next.

This Knife is not for the faint of heart. In fact, if you don’t like heavy music… you’re better to stay away from this one. However, if you’re into that sort of things (or any of the aforementioned bands), you’ll definitely get into it. I can almost guarantee that these guys could be the next biggest thing in metalcore and they’ll definitely break out, given the opportunity. This Knife has loosened the chains that have held this band in place for the past 5 years and sets them free to claim their rightful throne, among the top of their genre. Though they’ve lost their bassist, they’re not going to let that stop them. On September 13th, they’ll take the stage with Ice Nine Kills (Fearless Records) and Sylar, where they’ll continue to prove their worth in this scene. Keep an eye out for more from these guys, as they’ve begun work on their debut full-length, to be released next year. Until then, be sure to pick up your copy of This Knife and catch these guys live because you will not regret either.

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A Promise to Burn is:
Bastian Combs – Vocals
Zach Allard – Drums