Review – Shields – Use Protection


Artist: Shields

Album: Use Protection

Rating: 9/10


Kiss, Steel Panther, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Motley Crue

The band Shields rocks like an after party when the after-hours are over. It brings to mind that of a very raw version and the idea of going for what you want to be as a rock star. If you really want be true kick ass rock stars you gotta push it a fun way to say, “You know what, drink that beer, grab that girl you like and shout Hell Yeah!”

Shields is straight up getting it done. They really reminiscent of so older bands. It seems like they are trying to recapture the old school ways of partying, chicks, and solos excellently given by Leadman Christian Shields backed in vocals by bro Nathan

Truly first time through I could see the band touring with a big name like KISS. They have the hard-hitting instrumentals and chorus lines. You are bound to think it. Musically this band will and have gone places. Not to mention they have fun and are able to have some humorous lyrics and skits.

Conceived in the early Spring of 2016, Shields consists of the Shields brothers and long time friend Shade. They completely uprooted their lives from Rhode Island and relocated to Austin, Texas. During that time Shields wrote and recorded their self titled debut EP and began touring to support the release.

To date Shields has performed over 100 shows across the south-west and west coast of the United States. Shields has performed during notable events such as South By South West and Norman Music Festival X. Shields has performed at notable venues such as Whisky A Go Go, The Doll Hut, and Empire Control Room.

Fast forward to November of 2017, Shields has released their debut album “Use Protection” which features the single “My Roommate (Sucks)”. Shields Is gearing up to make 2018 their year to bring the party back to Rock and roll.

Nationals artists Shields has played with:

Altered Perceptions (Artery Recordings)
Jackyl (Mighty Loud Records)
John 5 (60 Cycle Hum Records)
Light The Fire (Standby Records)
Message to the Masses (Artery Recordings)
Saliva (Universal Music)

Events Shields have played:

2017 SXSW Festival
Norman Music Festival X (2017)

“Slave To The Grind” is definitely relatable, giving up, shotty job and out of luck. The guitars and drums are rhythmic together. It has these funny pranks played on an answering machine that have been played by the lead character singing. He sends Hookers to his house asking for some very explicit things and some “very mean” messages. It’s very humorous. They even curse the electric company. “We Are The Animals” it seems this one has some really good vocals delivered by Nathan Victor Shields. His voice is crisp in this and helps bring the chorus together.

With the recent passing of Malcolm Young, it goes to show that the reigns need to be passed on and released to the new generation to be influenced and enlightened by and not forgotten.

Well the track, “The Party Song” is the true blue rules for any party. We’ve always had that friend that always fell asleep and his world got wrecked with super glue, Sharpies, and in one of my own personal cases, a mustard Mohawk. So your best bet is to stay awake and party! The track, “Size Queen” really rocks about that chick on the prowl. It has some rocking guitars and melodic vocals provided by Christian and Nathan.

Overall this album, “Use Protection” is an album worthy of party and rock star anthems. There music is solid and rocking. They mention all the things of rock stardom: The music, girls and of course the beer! If you haven’t had a chance to see these guys, check them out!

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Official Video for “My Roommate (Sucks)”

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