Review – Silverstein – A Beautiful Place To Drown

Artist: Silverstein

Album: A Beautiful Place To Drown

Rating: 9.5/10

Get excited because Silverstein are celebrating their 20th anniversary. This is definitely a rare milestone but impressive for a band is consistently active, to still be relevant post-hardcore legends. The band is celebrating all year. with a crazy packed touring schedule to accompany the release of the band’s ninth album, “A Beautiful Place To Drown”, which is due out March 6 from UNFD.

“Infinite” feat. Aaron Gillespie was the second single to be released and showed another layer into the amazing collaborations this album has to offer. The track has amazing vocal delivery, the addition of Aaron Gillespie is solid and fills out the song perfectly. It was a great single release and and excellent addition to this album.

Twelve tracks in total, “A Beautiful Place to Drown” features cameos from New York rapper Princess Nokia, Intervals, Beartooth‘s Caleb Shomo, Underoath‘s Aaron Gillespie and Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan. The additions on this release are no doubt major influencers from the bands history touring and friendships bonded.

Burn It Down” feat Caleb Shomo of Beartooth was our first sampling of the new album’s amazing collection of tracks offered on, “A Beautiful Place To Drown” and this track really set a bar that the album delivers over and over. Caleb and Shane come together to showcase Beartooth’s intensity alongside Silverstein’s melodic delivery.

Where Are You” really stood out on the first listen through and as soon as it hit my eardrums it had my attention, “Bad Habits” is the lastest single to be released at this time. The track really shows how their crative energies are coming together as a band Guitarist, Paul Marc Rousseau told Blabbermouth:

“This record largely deals with the feeling of defeat that can come from trying to overcome your demons, but ‘Bad Habits’ turns that upside down.”

Anger and melody collide in this track, with a very impressive mind blowing guitar solo contributed and executed by Aaron Marshall of Intervals really ends the track well.

Silverstein also pushed themselves lyrically as well, exploring the mental distress that seems to be pulled from society and hurdles in life that we all face, often focusing on personal perspectives and even at times, seemingly political cues without losing the band’s trademark integrity. “A Beautiful Place To Drown” is sure to please old and new fans, proving exactly why Silverstein have remained a vital and powerful voice in post-hardcore rock for decades. The album really has something for everyone.

Shapeshift” is a powerful track and a stand out track. It captures classic Silverstein but takes the intensity and emotion to another level as the climax of the track jams out with expert guitars into a buildup that hits another round of the chorus and the echoes of. “I never stood a chance here did I?” and fades the track out leaving you shaken not stirred.

Stop” as also a standout track to me, (also lyrics therein named the album) as I’m currently listening to it for the third time as I’m writing this. It is a track that really accomplishes what Silverstein set out to do on this album. The song has a reoccurring theme of despair that is repeated a few times throughout the album. The intense track features amazing vocals from Shane Told and is definitely my favorite track hands down.

“Take What You Give” feat Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan is definitely a track reminiscent of the lighter side of Silverstein we have grown to love. The addition of Pierre really pulls the song and delivers a sound that is emotional and floods you over as the track ends.

Overall this album is a full throttle trip across the board in sound and delivery. Silverstein set out to put alot of emotion and a dash of that old time intensity we all know. The addition of all the featured artist in collaborations throughout the album. This is definitely what the band meant by, “Putting all their emotion and creativity into this” so for new fans the album takes you on a journey and for the long time fans, you’ll see Silverstein throw down on an amazing release.

Official Video for, “Infinite” feat Aaron Gillispie of Underoath

Official Video for, “Burn It Down” feat Caleb Shomo of Beartooth

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