Review – Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes – Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You

Artist: Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes

Album: Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You

Rating: 8/10


How does a collaboration with Buddy Nielsen (Senses Fail) joining the remaining members of Finch sound? Well, here is a band brought to you by Bad Timing Records that’s designed to bring back nostalgia of the 00’s dubbed, Speak The Truth..Even If Your Voice Shakes.

Crash My Car” was the first released single off this album. This track was on my playlist playing over and over because it definitely pulls from both bands lyrically and musically allowing for a unique release. The instrumental element of this track is off the charts, which is no surprise this was released first it’s one of the crowning jewels of the album when you add in Buddy’s slamming screaming vocal addition.

Morning Mournings” is one of the heavier influences along side “Crash My Car” on the album. This track has some on point choruses and smooth easy breakdowns. This track is one of the more not worthy hitters by the collaboration that will be noticed as a stand out to the rest of the albums anthem like song and softer songs like, “Show Your Scars” which is a more swooning depiction of their softer side.

Initially this is what you would come to expect from a Senses Fail/Finch collaboration. Leadman Buddy has a knack that keeps his music up beat and his lyrics rather rooted in despair. Speak The Truth’s debut record is emotionally and musically intricate, even though every song comes across completely natural and easy to get into.

Go For The Throat” Nielsen brings his hardcore vocal stylings to this track. This, being the next single release seems like a good choice. The track offers some excellent guitar work rhythm and some heavy hitting drums and is a great surprise and a sound choice for a single release to promote the album.

At Least” is a high adrenaline pumping anthem song offered on this album. It has some excellent screaming vocals served up by Senses Fail frontman, Buddy Nielsen. The drum timing and guitar work is timed perfectly with the echoing vocal masking and Buddy takes it home with his classic gnarly clear vocals. This is a perfect addition to “Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You“.

It’s not hard to see this album is full of emotion and exploding lyrics and a musical provided by the members of Finch allowing for a trifecta of collaboration. This album offers a sound that is relatable and something you can jam to. Both Finch and Senses Fail were on the high rise in their day and the hits keep on coming.

Buddy Nielsen’s vocals have not aged and you can still tell he gives his best and is all in on this album.  The album is carried by strong metaphors, symbolism and emotional revelations, “Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You” is an incredibly personal, yet very relatable release.

Overall the album is sonically and lyrically sound and complex due to the fact it’s contrast between the uppity songs sounds and lyrics contradiction which makes for an interesting listen. “Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You” is available now where music is sold.

Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes is:

Buddy Nielsen — Vocals (Senses Fail)

Alex Pappas — Drums (Finch)

Daniel Wonacott — Guitars (Finch)

Alex “Grizzly” Linares — Guitars(Finch)

Official Video for “Go For The Throat”

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