Review: Strangers to Wolves – Lost Boys



Artist: Strangers to Wolves
Album: Lost Boys
Rating: 5/5

When my buddy first showed me this band, I was absolutely blown away. As I’ve said before, the best bands are the ones that go unnoticed! A little over 5k likes on FB and absolutely NO label recognition is a little hard to believe for a band like this. Starting out poppy, you think that this is going to be an easy-listen type of album, but then the screams come in from nowhere and blow you through the wall! Strangers to Wolves was established in 2011 in Ohio. The band consists of 5 members: Chris, the vocalist, Andrew, the guitarist/backup vocalist, Marcus, secondary guitarist, Cameron on bass and Chris on drums. Put these 5 together and what’ve we got? A band that will take the music scene by storm! I’m proud to bring you my review of their debut EP “Lost Boys”!

1. Intro
2. Scarlet
3. Lost Boys
4. Here’s to the Best
5. Second Star on the Right
6. The Tell Tale Heart

I’m not going to do a key track portion for this album because, fact of the matter is, EVERY track on this EP is a key track. From beginning to end this album never disappoints and shows incredible diversity in styles. From poppy and dancy, soft and subtle, and even heavy and melodic! Starting with the intro, which is basically just a build up track, we lead into Scarlet which starts with a driving bass line and drum collaboration. When Chris’s vocals come in, soft and low at first, you’re immediately drawn in. If you weren’t convinced by then, right before the chorus, he belts out and pulls you in deeper. Next are the screams which are in no way expected by the tone of the track making them that much more powerful. From there the track just gets heavier and more amazing before dropping back to the chorus which will make you dance. Once that track finishes, we transition to the title track, Lost Boys. This track begins with a slow clicking drum intro and once again, leads into Chris’ belting vocals which are just beyond incredible. Listen to the lyrics for this one, they’re amazing as well! Next we have the slower, more subtle track Here’s to the Best. Again, lyrically and vocally as well as instrumentally, this track is truly incredible. This song is about all the problems faced in high school. It addresses each of the problems and offers encouragement to help through them. It ends with a slow piano solo and then jumps to the next track. Next we have the first single from the EP “Second Star to the Right” which was my first exposure to this band. From first listen, I was hooked by this song alone. Once I was able to give a full listen-through of the EP, that only grew stronger. This track showcases the highest range Chris’ vocals have on the EP, if he can get any higher than this I would be completely and absolutely sold on any and everything this band ever releases! Think Kellin Quinn mixed with a little bit of Vic Fuentes and Matty Mullins. Sold yet? Yeah, I thought so. The final track on the EP is “The Tell Tale Heart” and it’s a perfect closing to a perfect album. Again, you definitely want to listen to the lyrics on this one. It sounds like this track is about suicidal tendencies. In the end, it’s never worth it and our protagonist figures this out.

Final Thoughts:

“Lost Boys” is the type of album I’ve been looking for in this genre for quite some time. It’s lyrically, musically, and vocally perfect! I wish I could give this album a higher rating than a 5, but we go on a 5-star system. I recommend each and every one of our readers to go and buy this EP whenever possible! You will not be disappointed and I haven’t ever heard anything quite like it!