REVIEW: Suicide Silence “You Can’t Stop Me”


A new lead vocalist is always a huge transition for a band, and sometimes it can be the difference between contined success or utter failure if not handled correctly. When frontman Mitch Lucker died of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in 2012, the biggest question on everyone’s mind was where will they go from here? Will they end the band or keep pushing forward? Fast forward to October 2013, and the band officially announces the addition of Eddie Hermida (formerly of All Shall Perish) as the new vocalist. The band buckled down and got right to work on the new album. Featuring the last song Mitch wrote before he died, the appropiately titled “You Can’t Stop Me” is a fantastic return for the deathcore mainstay. While not perfect, the album is a huge step up from The Black Crown.

Eddie is a perfect fit on vocals. His range is amazing, reaching brutal lows and piercing highs. A lot of people were apprehensive and nervous when it came to him taking over for Mitch, but there is no doubt that this was the best for the band. Vocally speaking, Suicide Silence is at the top of their game. His vocal style will rip your ears apart from the inside out. However, even the best vocals need good lyrics to back them up. And this is the best lyrical content from Suicide Silence since The Cleansing. From the hateful Cease To Exist to the anthematic You Can’t Stop Me, each track is something completely different and an overall amazing offering. And finally, instrumentals are the backbone for any musical release, and they don’t disappoint here. Hard hitting from start to finish, Suicide Silence has continued to hone their style to a new level. They’re not anything that will be a game changer or bring about an entirely new wave of playing for bands to come, but it doesn’t have to be.

Overall, Eddie’s debut with Suicide Silence falls short of a timeless classic, but it still deserves a lot of praise. Heavy and brutal in all the right ways, “You Can’t Stop Me” is a powerhouse deathcore release that will impress old fans and probably win over some new fans too.

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