Review: Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave



Artist: Taking Back Sunday

Album: Tidal Wave

Rating: 10/10


Taking Back Sunday has arrived on the scene, I had the privilege of listening to their new album “Tidal Wave.” Which comes out on September 16th. I gotta tell you this album is a huge step in the evolution for Taking Back Sunday while it still retains their sound that we all know and love. Frontman Adam has been quoted saying this about the new album via Entertainment Weekly “There’s more of an Americana feel. But we realize anything we do is going to sound like Taking Back Sunday.” And honestly there is nothing wrong with that Adam; Not a thing at all.

Americana is right, cause busting right out the gates with the first single “Tidal Wave” does just that, it crashes down upon you like a giant punk rock tsunami. This song is edgy and sounds alot different than anything else on the album. Fast paced and backed by the vocals of Adam Lazzara makes it definitely a good break out single. I have listened to it several times, loving the lyrics and tempo every single time.

The next single to be released was “You Can’t Look Back” this was classic yet evolved Taking Back Sunday. This single gave us a glimpse of the past while bringing us straight into the future and shows us what the band has strived to achieve, and they have done it quite brilliantly. This song instantly caught my ear. Definitely a song to listen and enjoy.
One other song on the album that caught my attention was the song titled “Death Wolf” that starts off the album with an amazing intro. Quite honestly this was amazing. Everything. The vocals down to the high intensity drumming. I thought even the chorus was catchy “Thought I had enough, but now I’m not sure! Had a little bit, now we want some more!”

But for those of you really wanting a taste of the old Taking Back Sunday sound, there is some of that as well, the song for you is “All Excess”. This track took me back to high school when we would jam out. The back up vocals are on point with this track. The overall feel of the song is definitely classic. These vocals Adam belts out are amazing. It’s one of the tracks I’m completely for, there is no doubt about it.

I would say overall, this album is fantastic and doesn’t cease to amaze. This is an awesome step in progression as a band. It’s safe to say Taking Back Sunday have matured and still have undoubtedly been able to keep us on our toes with a wide range of sound from high intensity punk rock to belting out a powerful ballad. Adam Lazzara has the lead vocals, John Nolan has the backing vocals and guitar to transcend into the next album, and I will be looking for it. You have to get your hands on this album.

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“You Can’t Look Back” Official Video

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Taking Back Sunday is Adam Lazzara (Vocals), John Nolan (Guitars, Vocals), Eddie Reyes (Guitars), Shaun Cooper (Bass), and Mark O’Connell (Drums). TIDAL WAVE was produced by Mike Sapone (O’Brother, Mansions) in Charlotte, NC and mixed by Claudius Mittendorpher (Weezer, Drowners, Ra Ra Riot) and will be released on September 16, 2016 via Hopeless Records