REVIEW: Sweet Ascent – “Their Stories – EP” (2013)



Artist:  Sweet Ascent [Facebook] [Twitter]

Album:  “Their Stories – EP”


  1. Across the Room
  2. Oh… Love
  3. If Life Could Just Move On
  4. The Moment I Knew That I Needed You
  5. Still In Love

Here to show the world what they’ve got with their debut EP, “Their Stories,” Sweet Ascent are a band that will, honestly, catch you off guard.  At one moment, at first listen, you’ll be expecting one certain sound, but soon, after delving deeper into their music, you’ll find that you were oh so wrong.  Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, Sweet Ascent are a five piece group here to try and keep themselves, and the scene, fresh and full of great, new music.  Is that what they’ve done?  Have they succeeded at just that?  I guess you’ll have to find out – now, here is my review of the story of two people who fall in love, fall apart and deal with their lingering emotions, “Their Stories”:

The Good:

Right off the bat this album caught my attention because, at first listen, I thought this was a full-on pop punk band – a good pop punk band at that.  But, contrary to my original thoughts here, after the first song had finished, the second one began and ended up surprising me with some powerful and roaring screams, along with some sweet breakdowns that I didn’t even imagine this band to have.  This band packs a punch that nobody can see coming, and it’s a sweet surprise that only adds to this bands already noticeable skill.  This is a heartfelt EP full of emotion, telling a story, as stated above, of two lovers and their fallout – a story almost all of us can relate too, or at least, I was able to relate to.  It’s a good sign when you can relate to a song, and an even greater one when you can relate to the full recording – this is that recording.  This EP has something for just about anyone, and its ability to relate to the listener and engage them in both this story and some sweet tunes is just the perfect combination.

The Bad:

I have to admit, at moments this EP can be pretty cheesy, of course just about all “love stories” and the like are that way, but that’s not really a bad thing – it’s relatable, and if that means I relate to cheesy things, so be it.  I, and other listeners, enjoy being able to relate to the music we listen to – even if it is, of course, cheesy.  Another thing that bothered me is that, for some odd reason, the vocal track on the screams is toned down – it sounds like it’s in the background, quieted down.  I might not be the expert here, but I honestly recommend to any band that has this happen in mixing, mastering or recording to make sure those heavier vocals are heard, because, believe me, screaming is meant to be intense and powerful, not pushed aside.


This is a great combination of pop and post-hardcore, and hooks the listener in with more ways than one.  The different sounds put out by this EP, the ability it has to relate to all of us and its different quirks and its cheesier bits are something to admire, not something to poke fun at or just not enjoy.  They put their hearts into this, and that’s all that matters – being able to relate to their own stories is enough to make it all worth it.

Stand-Out Track:

“Across the Room”:  I see this track as standing out because this is the track that is purely pop punk, and comes across with a great, sweet and hearwarming sound.  It’s the perfect introduction to the rest of the album and prepares the listener well for what is to come.


These boys are making their debut on the scene and will be hopefully picking up and playing tours and shows near you, or at least, for now, the Kansas area in no time if they keep up what they’ve started.  This EP is a great start for Sweet Ascent, but is just that – a start.  This is the start of something good, and I for one can’t wait to hear what else they have to come.  “Their Stories” released on May thirty-first of twenty-twelve, and is available on iTunes.  Pick it up and let the band know what you think, you won’t be dismayed!

Rating:  7.9 / 10

For Fans Of:  Cartel, The Strive, Forever the Sickest Kids