REVIEW: Sylar – “Deadbeat – EP” (2013)



Artist:  Sylar [Facebook] [Twitter]

Album:  “Deadbeat – EP”


  1. 20 Six
  2. Deadbeat
  3. Justice Avenue
  4. Scheme Artist (feat. Caleb Shomo)
  5. The Ballad of Heisenberg
  6. Ivory’s Ashes (feat. Frankie Palmeri)
  7. Soul Remedies

Less than a year after releasing their first EP, “Cutting the Ties,” Sylar is back and better than before!  In such a short time, these boys have gained and show so much improvement, and are going to impress all who my stumble upon this new EP.  It just blows my mind how fast these guys are releasing material, putting out one great release and then a second one shortly after.  Will we see another EP within the year, or sooner?  No matter how long it is, I’m sure “Deadbeat” will hold you until then, because, believe me when I say this – you’re in for a thrill.  Here’s my review of “Deadbeat,” Sylar’s second ever release:

The Good:

This EP came almost out of NOWHERE, and I mean that honestly.  I didn’t expect it, at all, and I try to keep track of the bands I listen to – and, I like Sylar and all, but not only did I not expect this release to come about, but I didn’t expect it to be so amazing.  This isn’t meant in a rude sort of way – their first release was great, but this just takes the cake.  Everything is improved; their structuring is great, every song sounds well put-together, and the songs don’t all sound exactly the same.  A great amount of variety all around in this EP – it’s not too heavy, not too soft, and doesn’t just keep up either constant chugging and breakdowns the entire time.  This EP is full of some sweet breakdowns, great and memorable guitar pieces, some sick bass and beastly vocals.  Everyone, every member of the band has improved since “Cutting the Ties,” showing listeners just how good they really all are.  I can’t help but keep praising this album, it’s just so unspeakably great.  Oh, and the clean vocals – I just have to talk about them now.  So strong, so steady, so on-key.  Sylar didn’t miss a single beat with this release

The Bad:

I can only find two bad things in this, people – first off, we’ve got the length.  Another EP?  I understand if it’s a money issue or anything like that, I don’t mean any offense to the band, but when the chance arises – full length, all the way.  The people want as much content as they can get from a band, I know this from experience, and EP’s don’t often cut it.  If this band released a full-length album, believe me, the scene would be completely devastated by its pure wonderment.  Second, the guest spots – I like Frankie and Caleb, they’re two of my favorite vocalists, to be honest, but they’re really not needed here.  They’re sort of just back up and filler, and kind of just give outside audiences a reason to listen.  Sylar, you don’t need them here, believe me – on your own merits, people are going to listen to you guys.  You’re not “big,” but if more people could here this stuff, their minds would be absolutely blown.


This is an amazing EP, and an excellent installment in Sylar’s career.  The short tracklisting is made up for completely by the content, considering this is probably the best EP to be put out in a long while.  Most bands get sort-of lazy with EP’s, making them mostly filler songs and interludes, but that’s not Sylar.  They took the time to record amazing tracks and put them out for the world to listen to and be conquered by.  Watch out world, because Sylar is on the loose and on the prowl!

Stand-Out Track:

“Deadbeat”:  The title track, “Deadbeat,” sticks out to me because it escapes the Sylar “norm”; this song takes on more of a post- sound, and that’s not bad!  No need to worry, old and new fans of Sylar – this “different” sound isn’t something to worry about, it still hits hard like Sylar is known for, but the softer, cleaner parts are so powerful, and just seem so full of heart and soul, I couldn’t stand to not make it the track I talk about here.  It’s three and a half minutes of amazing and unarguable talent.  Oh, and the break down.  Oh, the breakdown…


Sylar are going to be big, heed my words.  Have I said this before?  Probably, but I’m sure anyone who has read my reviews knows by now that I’m honest when I say anything, and I’m being the most honest I have been here – this EP is mind-blowing, and is a step in the right direction for Sylar.  Keep your eyes on these boys, because they’re not going anywhere but up.  “Deadbeat” released today on January twenty-ninth, and is available on iTunes for just around seven dollars.  Pick it up and jam out, and get ready for this band’s brilliant future!

Rating:  9.5 / 10

For Fans Of:  Years Since the Storm, Sirens, Keep Your Distance