REVIEW: Tears of Requiem “Tears of Requiem”


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Tears of Requiem is a metal band based Doylestown, PA. The band has opened for arists like Veil of Maya, Upon a Burning Body, Volumes, My Bitter End, Endwell, The Animal in Me and many more. With this band, I find a fresh breath of air in the genre. I find the self-titled debut EP to be a fresh and new sound needed in a genre plagued with accusations of staleness and copycats. From the opening track (The Rage In Revolution), I was impressed by the heavy instrumentals and raw vocals that pierced through my ears. The standout track from this whole record is near 10 minute Through The Eye of the Storm. 9 minutes and 15 seconds of brutal metal, I found this track to be the best example of how good this band is. The whole EP as a whole is a short burst of melodic metal that will surely bring nothing but amazing sounds to the metal scene.I forsee amazing things for this quintet metal band. Be sure to pick up their new record now, and watch for them as they open for Capture The Crown this summer!

Verdict: 8.5/10

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