REVIEW: Visionaries – The Corrupt Mindset [2012]

Artist: Visionaries

Album: The Corrupt Mindset

Rating: 9.75/10



Remember several–probably close to five, now–when 3D re-emerged in movie theaters? Critics and movie fanatics alike rampantly hailed it as “the future of American cinema,” and, still going strong several years later, it would appear they weren’t entirely wrong. Similarly, in recent history, the onomonopaeic style of metalcore coined as “djent” leapt onto the scene, taking ears by storm with it’s futuristic, melodic and groovy feel. Visionaries are another band to utilize a similar sound. However, their debut full length, The Corrupt Mindset is much more than another tasteless djent-tinted metalcore release. Blending elements of shreddy progressive metal, blasting deathcore and spacey, melodic metalcore, Visionaries emerge with an idyllic, brutal and Edenic paradigm-shifting release.

Beginning with “Subverter,” Visionaries waste no time in establishing high instrumental standards with The Corrupt Mindset. Roaring guitar and pounding, punctual percussion rumble alongside Earth-flattening bass as pseudo-symphonic synth plays in the background. As this brief, instrumental introduction gives way to the first full track, “The Corrupt Mindset,” the heavy, downtuned grind of the guitar gives way to a much groovier, progressive feel, while all the while incorporating heavy, weighty bass to keep a crushing element in the mix. While this bass stays lodged like an anchor alongside the punchy drumming, the guitar soars from deep, oceanic lows to galactic highs, filled with intricate noodling laced between bits of heavy, yet melodic chugging.

With the firm foundation established by the speedy, yet bouncy and fill-laden drumming, the ability for the guitar to span every range imaginable opens up immensely. Tracks like “The Emperor II (Devourer)” witness the guitar ranging from guttural, chuggy breakdowns and grooves to pinch-harmonic and panic-chord wrought shreddy sections at the drop of a hat. All the while, the drums blare along with either blistering blast beats or cannon-like double bass sections. “An Abomination” shows the best balance of the entire band’s talent, and the best usage of their diabolically diverse dynamic. With hard-hitting, spine-cracking breakdowns and grooves and riffs that will make your hair stand on end, this well-rounded track highlights all of the The Corrupt Mindset’s best qualities, and established the groovy, bouncy and melodic, yet crushing, brutal and heavy dynamic that the band has placed perfecting finishing touches on.

At this point, the last hurdle Visionaries need to clear in order to gain progressive -core stardom are the vocals. In this case, while there is the slightest sense of vocal monotony, the relatively diverse range of piercing high screams, entrenching lows and raspy inwards that show their faces on the album is refreshing. While there is an overuse of the mid-range, harsh yell, this vocal style functions akin to the drums in respect to the other instrumentation: it is a solid foundation, established to draw attention to the stellar incorporation of range that takes place–when it does indeed take place. Again, “An Abomination,” along with “The Emperor II” show the greatest range The Corrupt Mindset has to offer–both instrumentally and vocally.

So whether or not you’re a fan of 3D movies or wearing those silly, hipster-esque glasses, chances are, you’ve seen at least one movie with 3D that made you think “hm, if there were more movies like this, yeah, I would love it!” Visionaries are the progressive metal-turned-deathcore, almost-djent hybrid equivalent of that sensation.  Filled with ripping, technical shred and bouncy groove with just enough slamming, brutal heaviness to add punctuation, The Corrupt Mindset is an album which stands with few others on a tier high above that of their too-chuggy or hyper-spacey peers.


For Fans Of: The Contortionist, Volumes, Bermuda, Substructure


By: Connor Welsh/Eccentricism