Review: Whose Hearts Were His – Whose Hearts Were His


Artist: Whose Hearts Were His
Album: Whose Hearts Were His
Rating: 4/5

Solo projects, especially “one-man bands”, have never ceased to amaze me. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of project, this is one individual who produces, engineers, mixes, masters and records every instrument for their project. My buddy Gabriel Fry, AKA Whose Hearts Were His, is one of these individuals and he just released his debut, self-titled EP. If you’re a fan of metal, in any sense, you will likely find something to enjoy on this EP.

Whether it be flashy solos like in “Tongues Like Knives”, incredible instrumentals like “The Only Certainty, Change”, ambient, eerie interludes like “Untitled” or the final track, “Dead Sea Sentiment” which mix all of these together.  Drawing influence from earlier Gojira, Between the Buried and Me and The Red Chord releases, WHWH takes the art of metal to an entirely different level. Truthfully, with the level of musicianship I can hear on this release, he could even possibly stand next to these bands! The only thing I feel like would make this better is if he added a little melody to his voice, rather than going all out with his screams and growls. The instrumentals are mind-blowing and, if you enjoy the earlier works of BTBAM, you will definitely enjoy this!

I know this is a short review but there is simply no way to accurately put into words how great this man is at what he does. Take a listen below and tell me if you don’t agree! Then, pay what you want and get it for yourself!