Revival 52: TLE Shows What Happens When “Kids Eat Free”


As a parent, sometimes you just want a break from all the cooking and cleaning, right? Here’s an idea: go to one of those restaraunts that has the “KIDS EAT FREE” sign out front. However, AS a parent, if you’ve ever done this, then you’ll know it never goes according to plan. It’s overcrowded, service is slow and your kids get a certain energy that makes them want to do everything they shouldn’t, all in one burst.

Today, we’re proud to bring you TLE’s new music video which explores this concept in all of its glory. With some help from fellow dad Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup), prepare to witness the hilarity that ensues when “KIDS EAT FREE!” As always, be sure to pick it up on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify… wherever you like to get your digital music and embrace the #DadPunk movement! This song is part of the Revival 52 campaign, which sees Revival Recordings releasing a new single every single Friday in 2018. The playlist can be checked out and followed below, with plenty more to come!

On the release of the single, Shawn Milke had this to say:

No restaurant promotions were harmed during the making of this video.  The only things harmed were my wallet, my ego, and my love for balloons.

Additionally, Nick Onorato goes on to say:

Yes, despite what this video may lead you to believe, we actually did go back and pay the check.  Well, I think we did anyway.  Drew said he was going to take care of it, but then Drew got fired because we ran out, so… stop asking so many questions.

Kids Eat Free – Single

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