Get Scared – Everyone’s out to Get Me (Review)


Album: Everyone’s out to Get Me

Artist: Get Scared

Release Date: 11/11/13

Record Label: Fearless Records



1. Told Ya So
2. For You
3. My Nightmare
4. Badly Broken
5. At My Worst
6. Get Out While You Can
7. God Damn Liar
8. Us In Motion
9. Cunning, Not Convincing
10. The Strangest Stranger
11. Stumbling In Your Footsteps
12. When We Were Strong

Let me start off by saying I haven’t been following Get Scared that long until a friend showed me them, I fell in love with their last EP “Built for blame, Laced with shame” After listening to this and hearing about the new album dropping I couldn’t simply wait to get a hold of this album! Once I did from a few of my partners it was on repeat for days. After the departure with Joel being the front-man for quite some time it’s nice to see Nick back where he belongs, and this album shows exactly that.

With well placed vocal patterns, perfectly synchronized  guitars, bass, and drums to fit the vocals perfectly. It’s easy to say they really wanted this album to become something and at the rate they’re going it will. They really out did themselves on this album with the help of Fearless Records!

This album has everything from catchy chorus’s, melodic instrumentals, heavy breakdowns, and a voice from an angel, this album easily became one of my favorites of this year! Any fan of All Time Low, The Downtown Fiction, Mayday Parade, and My Chemical Romance should fall in love with Get Scared and this album as fast as I did. This album is to show how far they came over the years, recently signed to Fearless Records, heading out on tour, their hard-work has finally paid off. Each song holds a very powerful meaning and I guarantee it’s heavily relatable to a lot of the fans!  If you’re looking for a album to kickback, lay your head back and turn up the volume and relax, this is one you might want to check out! It hits stores on November 11th!


Badly Broken

Told Ya So (Official Lyric Video)