SETX Metalcore Outfit Neil to Aldrin Returns from Hiatus with New Single “White Walls”

It’s been 4 years since we’ve heard anything from Beaumont, TX’s Neil to Aldrin. They changed names, went to different projects and lived their lives, as bands tend to do when they find themselves in a rut. Overwhelmed by the amount of support they’ve had and inspired by the lack of positivity in the Southeast Texas scene, founding members Johnny Atlas, Jess Espinoza, Andrew McCabe and Chris Boaz decided to get the band back together. Just a few months after the announcement of their return, they’re gearing up to release their first piece of new music and, let me be the first to tell you, this track shows a whole new side of NTA! Jess has stepped up to do screams in the band, while Johnny will step back and handle cleans/guitar, a move that has proven a lot more beneficial to the band than they may have realized!

Don’t get me wrong, they’re still the Neil to Aldrin that we’d all come to know and love when they ruled the circuit 4 years ago, however this new music has a huge and atmospheric touch to it. Clearly matured as musicians, songwriters and individuals… they made sure that what they’ll release is going to make waves. The resulting single, “White Walls” is a track that will knock you out of your seat from the start, take you on a journey and never cease to grab your attention throughout the duration. The band is currently writing and recording music for their, as-of-yet untitled comeback EP.

Of the single, clean vocalist/guitarist Johnny Atlas had this to say: “White Walls” was brought to the table by Jess who was diagnosed with Diabetes back in 2012. It covers his mentality as an adolescent dealing with being in the hospital quite often. but mostly an incident last year when he was put in ICU for a period of time. Hospitals take a toll on everyone, and I think this track willm ost definitely cover what may go though people’s minds when they spend enough time behind those White Walls. (taken from his interview with Toney Emmons of Counter Culture/New Transcendence)

The band JUST released the single, check it out below! Don’t lose sight of these guys, they’re sure to get their momentum going again in 2017 and you won’t want to be left behind!


Neil to Aldrin is:
Jess Espinoza – Vocals
Johnny Atlas – Vocals/Guitar
Andrew McCabe – Guitar
Chris Boaz – Drums