Shadow of Intent Talk All Things ‘Elegy’

Shadow of Intent are a band you definitely have heard of–and if they aren’t, then I don’t even know where you’ve been. Taking the heavy music community by storm, what began as a somewhat earnest side project has since exploded into one of the most universally adored up-and-coming metal acts of the late 2010s. Read on if you want to learn a little more about the band, their new records–and what they would do if they could record their dreams.

First and foremost, thank y’all very much for agreeing to answer some questions about the upcoming record! It’s been a real pleasure to spend some time with it and steep myself in your progression as musicians and as a collective!

Of course! It’s our pleasure. I guess you could say Bloodbath, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dimmu Borgir, Whitechapel and Dream Theater are some of the bands biggest influences, but there are definitely many others.

Before we get started, tell the readers who Shadow of Intent is, and what your biggest influences are!

Of course! It’s our pleasure. I guess you could say Bloodbath, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dimmu Borgir, Whitechapel and Dream Theater are some of the bands biggest influences, but there are definitely many others.

In a single word, how would you describe Elegy?


Compared to previous releases, Elegy feels more robust—like every component of Shadow of Intent was turned up to 10—what was the writing process for it? Was it different from the process for your previous records?

The writing process wasn’t too different from our usual way this time. Chris wrote skeleton songs; which is basically the foundation. Intro, verses, choruses, including a drum template and some orchestral arrangements. After that, I write along to the songs and after some refinement or cooperation together, we get to the final stages. Bryce also would’ve also written his drum parts by this point. Final tracking, orchestral additions or revamp from our good pal Francesco (Fleshgod Apocalypse) and then on to mixing/mastering!

The obvious question that has to be asked: Shadow of Intent, as the name would imply, was initially established as a band based on lore from the Halo universe—with Melancholy, that changed significantly, and continues to hold true on Elegy. What are the major lyrical themes of Elegy? What prompted the deviation from all things Covenant, Flood and our beloved Master Chief?

What prompted the change was age, I think. We are proud of those records but we wanted to write about more mature topics, and delve into other things we are interested in, both musically and lyrically. Each song on Elegy is a piece or moment in our history, which either attempts to portray a human being in unthinkable situations that there is no preparing for, or covering events where the gall and brutality of human capabilities are shown at gruesome detail.

As Shadow of Intent have progressed, there’s been a fairly prominent shift away from deathcore influence and towards melodic/symphonic and blackened metal moieties—what prompted that growth, and what is your response to the people who insist Shadow of Intent were better as a more -core influenced act?

My response is that our one objective since the beginning, was to enjoy what we write, and to write what we enjoy. That aspect of the band has never changed. If you aren’t into this record so much, hopefully you will enjoy the next.

What is your favorite part of Elegy? What part/parts were the most challenging to write/record?

It’s hard to say, I’m not sure I have a favorite part. I’m proud of each song on the album.

With a whopper of a new record kicking off 2022, what else do you have in store for the year? Coronavirus permitting, of course.

We’re hoping to get back on the road as much as we can to play these new songs live, but it’s too soon to say what exactly is in store.

What band(s) are on your touring bucket list? How about locations?

I think the whole band would say either a Behemoth or Meshuggah tour would be bucket list level. Anywhere would be great.

If you had to play a set-list to a sold out arena that was ONLY covers, what would the first three songs in your set list be?

I would assume our recently released Lamb of God cover, maybe Mastodon’s Blood and Thunder and some classic death metal song, I have no idea honestly haha.

If you had access to a machine that would let you re-watch all your dreams like a TiVo or DVR BUT you had to rewatch them with your entire extended and close family/families, would you use the dream machine or no?

Hard pass.

Last but not least, what’s one thing you want the entire world (or the readership of this interview) to know about Shadow of Intent?

Shadow of Intent is still only just beginning, and we’re always at work on the next piece to follow! Hope to see you all soon.

Keep an eye on our site early next week for a detailed rundown of everything you can expect–and even the stuff you can’t–on Elegy!