MINI Review: Demolisher – Counterfeit [2013]






Yes that’s right, you read the title correctly: they are here to fucking stay!…again, and the timing couldn’t be better, with the rising return of the Down-Tempo Hardcore style the earth-crushing Demolisher has returned to take its rightful place at the mountain top. If the unholy kings of Down-Tempo can succeed in that remains to be seen, however the first assault has been made in the form of the new single ”Counterfeit”, and it hits harder than a fucking wrecking ball to the head. With a deeper, darker and overall more filthy sound than ever before, it’s clear to me that Demolisher means business this time around, and by business I mean destroy everything first and ask questions later. With sick quantities of schreeching and abominable guitar tones littered throughout the song, ”Counterfeit” succeeds in barbarically destroying your human tissue on a cellular level, while the signature bass drops and breakdowns are back to take care of your sanity, crushing you beneath the ever-increasing weight of the volatile guitar tunings. With a production that sounds just right, this song has made me more than interested about the potential slaughter lurking beyond the horizon, don’t be surprised when Demolisher comes storming at you with full force; armed to the teeth with even more wrecking balls to pulverize your definition of the word ”heavy”.