A Skylit Drive Teases Comeback With Cryptic Video!

A Skylit Drive has been a staple in the Metalcore scene ever since their inception and debut release. The band announced they were calling it quits in 2017 and they did just that. However as of today they have posted a teaser video with eerie music and the date “6/28” slapped across the video. The tease was met with fans praising for the return. It is unclear whether or not it’s a tour or new music – If we’re lucky maybe both? Another question on everyone’s head is did Michael Jagmin rejoin the group? The band called it quits shortly after Jags announced he was stepping down from the group. All posts related to this have been removed from A Skylit Drive’s Facebook page. SBG Records appears under the teased date. Hinting that maybe the Metalcore legends have signed a new deal.

You can view the teaser yourself HERE