Slave Revolt -‘Journey to the Other Side’ Album Review

Review by Michelle Barron

A self-described metalcore band hailing from the Jersey Shore, Slave Revolt released eight songs that arguably punches anyone on the receiving end square in the face. Repeatedly and often. Journey To The Other Side traverses’ roads of all textures. From the melodically haunting “Embers” and “Open The Heavens” to the jagged, rough and dark “Organic Robot”. These guys demonstrate down-tuned modern metal in a manner both familiar and new.

This listener hears chunks reminiscent of Linkin Park and Seven Dust with possibly some Blink 182 influence. I’m catching notes of The Cure too. Although such comparisons can be made, Slave Revolt has cut out a dynamic sound of their own. Definite aggression seething with anger is expressed and expressed completely. However, as if to demonstrate just how in touch with their musical genes they are, the band absolutely Kills with their cover version of  “Ready To Go” originally a hit made famous in 1996 by the still touring UK band, Republica. They turned this pseudo pop song inside out.

As a side note, yet of major significance, Singer Jimmy Ivins stated in a previous interview that the entirety of this album was written and recorded simultaneously at the moment. Their creative process, sans major manipulation, is laid out raw, bloody, screaming, and present for all of us to feel, absorb, and experience.

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