VRSTY Sees Their Name in Lights with Powerful New Single, “Neon”

VRSTY Sees Their Name in Lights with Powerful New Single, Neon

Neon Available on All DSPs 4/27, Along with Official Music Video

Through years of struggle, line-up changes and hardship after hardship, VRSTY promises that 2018 will finally be their year. Just over the horizon, the band is gearing up to release their debut, full-length album BLCK, which we’ve heard and can vouch that it’s something that was well worth the wait. However, before they get to that point, they’ve been teasing fans with some one-off singles. Having released the explosive “I Lucy (Lucifer),” and updated versions of fan favorites — “Risen,” “Reign Dance” and “Unity” — they began the tease with their most radio-ready track to date, “Promises, Promises” which was surprise released on April 6th. On Friday, April 27th, the band sees their name in lights with “Neon.”

The video for the track has a retro feel, showing the band through a VHS-like camera aspect, complete with a count-up to the end. While this song features a lot of the signature style that the band has been known for, mixing post-hardcore with the soul of hip-hop/r&b, it’s the heaviest track, musically, that they’ve released thus far. VRSTY truly is a tale of the underdog, slowly making their rise to the top but having to claw their way up, every inch of the way. The track speaks on the subjects of depression, loneliness and an overall feeling of low self-worth. Through these emotional, real-life lyrics, vocalist Joey Varela bares it all in an attempt to get the listener to realize that they’re not alone. Even if you’ve been shoved down to rock bottom, there’s always a way out. A true tale of the underdog, “Neon” comes at a very pivotal moment in society, where depression and suicide are on the rise. There are always going to be haters, regardless of what you do because you can’t please everyone. What you CAN do is strive to be the best version of you that you can possibly be and have fun in the process!

Musically, as stated previously, this track is one of the heaviest they’ve written. Guitarist, Evan James, shows that he can truly bring a powerful force to the table with his abilities. More than just chugs and open notes, this track’s guitar parts show an interesting side of the band by mixing catchy riffs, djent-style chugs and an overall presence of devastation with his craft. Meanwhile, drummer Maliek Birkett, shows that he can stand alongside the best in the genre, keeping perfect timing while clearly having fun with it. Bassist/unclean vocalist, Javy Lee, provides an explosive backdrop to a track that, quite honestly, wouldn’t be the same without him. Wrapping it up, front and center, is main vocalist/songwriter, Joey Varela, who has become well-known for his ability to croon out some of the most impressive, soulful lyrics that you’ll hear in any genre.

Not needing to ride any waves, follow any trends or sacrifice their artistic integrity, VRSTY truly stand as a force to be reckoned with in today’s music scene. “Neon” is going to quickly become a fan favorite, without a doubt, and you might even get to see them perform it live when they go on the final leg of the “Make It Last Tour” with The Anchor (venues/more info to be announced soon!) So be sure to head over to iTunes and pick up your copy of “Neon,” get ready for BLCK to grace your ears later this year and, above all, get to know VRSTY… because they’re here to stay!

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