WATCH: Of Mice & Men Perform First Show without Austin Carlile

As first reported by New Fury Media:

It’s been a few months since Austin Carlile’s shocking and abrupt departure from Of Mice & Men and, since that announcement was made, there has been a ton of speculation about how the band would go about continuing on without him. Everything from “will they get another vocalist” to “oh no, they’re going to end up breaking up” were statements I seen among fans. If you’d followed the band and, moreover, their clean vocalist’s career through the years, though… it was immediately evident that bassist/clean vocalist Aaron Pauley would take over full vocal duties. Their debut show without Austin happened last night at the brand new Las Vegas music festival known asĀ Las Rageous Festival, and if the below videos are any indication… the band’s position in the music industry is anything but uncertain! Check out the band performing “Bones Exposed” and “Pain” below and be sure to go follow New Fury Media and Of Mice & Men on all of their social media channels!

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