Rooks – “Countermeasure” [Single/2016]


Artist: Rooks

“Countermeasure” – Single Review

Guess who’s back?

Chances are, if you’re into groovy metalcore or bouncy, bone-busting breakdowns, you got into them via Rooks. Many bands—and perhaps the integrity of the genre as a whole—owe much of their existence to Rooks and for good reason. The Chicago heavy act that brought us Infinite I and II have returned with the debut single from their forthcoming effort and next installment in the Infinite series—and if you haven’t heard it yet, you’re in for a doozy (technical term).

Every ounce the Rooks that fans of the band and fans of extreme music could want or dream of, the band’s latest iteration features frontman Eli Martinez (Volition, Downpour, Outlaw), who brings a uniquely hefty and harsh feeling to the otherwise chaotic and unpredictable track. Pummeling, punchy drums and groovy, gritty base build a foundation for the act’s spastic guitars. “Countermeasure” finds itself rapidly and ruthlessly toggling between gutwrenching groove and skull-splitting heaviness, even taking time to dive into sparse seconds of stellar atmosphere and ambience. Over it all, Martinez roars, relying primarily on a monstrous, thick mid-range yell to add consistency to Rooks’ raunchy dynamic. By the time “Countermeasure” is done with, the listener’s skull will be in fragments, and their brain will be dripping down the wall behind them.



For Fans Of: Volition, Kingmaker, Barrier, Outlaw, Downpour, Eavesdropper

By: Connor Welsh