Round Up 14′

Tis’ the season and 2014 comes to a close, so now we all shall look back on this year and think of all we done and wonder how will the year to come be? Well if it was anything like this year’s music then we are in for a ride. 2014 was so action packed it was like a kick in the face, every time I turned around I was being round housed by another amazing album, thankfully I have this amazing beard to protect my good looks. More to the point, with so many kicks to the facial hair that the great men before could feel it how could one possibly separate these albums into favorites? It wasn’t easy but I think I got something here. Check it out and let me know what you think!

 12. G-Eazy- These Things Happen

I hardly find a rap artist to be of my liking, actually rap is probably my most disliked genre all together. However, “These Things Happen” and I can say I’m glad they do cause when the beat hits I can’t help but move to it.

11. Home Free- Crazy Life

The homegrown A cappella group Home Free. What could I possibly say about them that they don’t already say with their Crazy Life release? Yeah, that is right I did say A Cappella, if you haven’t heard them you should really check them out. I show no shame in saying I found a group that my grandparents listen too. That’s just how cool they are.

10. Taylor Swift- 1989

Earlier in the year Taylor Swift announced that she would no longer be doing country music, that she had found her passion in pop music. Well I agree, she might just be at home. This album has so many possible songs to like. Rather it’s “Welcome to New York” or “Wildest Dreams” you will be moving to the beat and “shaking it off”.

9. The Used- Imaginary Enemies

Of course this is The Used we are talking about here. I mean it kind of makes my beard tickle with goodness. Enough said. Honestly, I think my only regret to hearing this album is that I can’t put it higher on my list. However, given what is to come from the rest of my list, and even those before it, I would say it is properly placed.

8. Motionless in White- Reincarnate

“Reincarnate”, that is exactly what this album did. Don’t get me wrong, “INFAMOUS” was and still is one hell of an album, I mean come on that AMERICA jam, we all still rock that one out. However, this 2014 release is something to contend with. I don’t even know where to start with this, “Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale)”, the story has ended, carried out by Chris Motionless and Danny Filth. That song alone is testament to how stunning this album really is. Also who knew an acoustic Motionless could sound so “Sinematic”, provocative isn’t it?

7. In This Moment- Black Widow

I can’t even speak on this, this album is like every metal fans wet dream. Sexy and powerful, “Black Widow” has just the right amount of feminine touch yet I think it made my bread grow a bit. Easily Arguable the best album of In This Moments career to date.

6. BlackBear- The Afterglow

This kid is something out of musical a fantasy that some other kid in the world is having. He dreamt of better rap music and he got it. BlackBear’s The Afterglow is an incredible piece of art, I have long waited to hear some real poetry in rap and it has been to long that I have had to wait. I honestly couldn’t stop hitting the replay button when I first heard it, I couldn’t believe what was coming across my speakers. If you get the chance and haven’t heard this kid yet, check out “The Afterglow” on Youtube. It’s a 17 min movie short complied of the entire album that will hit you so hard that you will just sit back and say damn, I did. Rather it is in the video or in his music this kid is an artist and I cannot wait to hear more from him.

5.3. Cole Swindell- Cole Swindell

The self-titled release by chart topping country artist Cole Swindell will defiantly have you “chillin it”. If you don’t like country music then that’s fine however, this album you might want to reconsider because it might just have you bumping your Kenwood’s before the night is through.

5.2. Brantley Gilbert- Just As I Am

Another country album has hit my list for 2014, now sadly there is only these two that I enjoyed enough for them to make, not just my list, but my top 5. I have been a Brantley Gilbert fan since before the world really knew who he was. Back when he was the original owner of Jason Aldean’s prized hit, “Dirt Road Anthem”. Now the world knows the name Brantley Gilbert with his next major hit album, “Just As I Am”. BG reminds us what it’s like to be “17 again” and about that connection you have with your best friend growing up with “That Was Us”. It’s easy to tell that even with his rocker edge, this man didn’t forget his roots, it shows by pouring into the songs just like “Lights of My Hometown” and “One Hell of An Amen” which make me love every second of this album.

5.1. The Amity Affliction- Let the Ocean Take Me

Once, The Amity Affliction came to my town and played this album, “Let the Ocean Take Me”. I got so mad because I didn’t realize it and missed it. The album later dropped and I was further justified in being mad. I should have been there to see it, I would cut like an inch off my beard if could go back and drag myself to that show. Yeah, I just said that.

 4.3. Taking Back Sunday- Happiness Is

Much could be said about the new Taking Back Sunday album, rather good or bad, you’re still going to talk about it. “Happiness is” listening to this album, granted it’s a step in another direction from the TBS we all know but the sound is still them. Overall I couldn’t find a reason to dislike this album. And it did make it into my bottom 4th for a reason.

4.2. Linkin Park- The Hunting Party It is actually nice to hear some heavy Linkin Park, it has been too long. Well, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like the laid back melodies of the previous albums. In fact, “The Hunting Party” has just the right amount of each. Rather it’s heavy like “Keys to the Kingdom” or “War” VS the moving melodies of “Final Masquerade”, this album came to show us that Linkin Park never lost it.

4.1. Dead by April- Let the World Know

“Let the World Know” is exactly what this album did. It might be weird that this album reminds me of a much heavier Savage Garden, however, that should just go to show that these guys have some talent. Unless you don’t like Savage Garden, then well, that’s tough for you. You should still check out Dead By April.

3.4. Chasing Safety- Season of the Dead

Chasing Safety was single handily one of my most anticipated album releases and when it hit I was definitely not disappointed. I can’t think of one thing you would want in an album that “Season of the Dead” doesn’t have. It’s heavy, melodic, and saucy. One of my favorite features of the release was the guest vocals by multiple front man of The Color Morale, Ice Nine Kills, Mayday Parade, and more.

3.3. Exotype- Exotype

The self-titled release by Exotype without a doubt made me “stand up”. Also, it pumped me full of adrenaline, I just want to bench press with my beard every time I hear it. Naturally that would be impossible, not even chuck Norris could bread press. But, if you’re hitting the gym this weekend in preparation for the New Year. Make sure you got this one on your Mp3 player and put those headphone in.

3.2. Famous Last Words- Council of the Dead

What could be said about an album that tells stories? It should have a great story as well right? Well I would let it speak for itself, Famous Last Words may not have a camp fire but they are certainly telling you a story with “Council of the Dead, Will you hear it?

3.1. PVRIS- White Noise

I don’t even need to speak for this album. It is perfection. Just listen to it.

Now I rarely find an album in which I cannot find some kind of flaw or In which I don’t like a song, or two. So imagine my surprise when I found out that the next bunch where all in 2014. This was not easy to place nor find words for, and even broke me down on a few of them. That being said….

2.4. Crown the Empire- The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways

We are all “machines” destined to repeat our lives every day. Which I would choose to do it in style, with Crown the Empire’s heaviest album to date. I’m not entirely sure if there is anything about this album to dislike. In fact as I stated before, I rarely find an album that I cannot find any flaws within. Also, an addition to this amazing album, comes the end to a trilogy, the story of Johnny.

2.3. The Word Alive- Real

A “light house” burning tall as a beacon for souls. “Real” is a maginificate addition to the 2014 roster. It may not be as heavy as what we are used to from The Word Alive in previous years but I am not complaining.

2.2. Of Mice and Men- Restoring Force

No one should be able to argue that Of Mice & Men is one of the biggest acts in the scene. “Restoring Force” is every bit of a reminder of exactly that. Do I need to say more? This album makes my beard head bang.

2.1. Ed Sheeran- X

To be completely honest, it is shocking to me exactly how high this album ranked on my list. However, “X” (Multiply) has something I look for constantly in music now a days but rarely find. This 2014 release has soul. Ed Sheeran isn’t a rapper, he is a singer with a flow, regardless, he earned my ear. Man, I had to stop typing to get down to it, and no matter how epic ones beard may be, I still can’t dance. Ha!

1.4. The Color Morale- Hold On Pain Ends

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a deep connection to The Color Morale. However, despite my bias opinion, this album didn’t make my overall number 1 but, it is still up there. Also, despite my bias opinion towards this band I believe that they are highly talented and bring a powerful message. Hold on Pain Ends is a message carrying HOPE for those who are lost and may need a light to guide them. Granted that isn’t for everyone, but the music still makes my beard all tingly. Check it out!

1.3. Architects- Lost Forever // Lost Together

I have been trying to think of what to say about this album, and every which way I try I cannot. I just indescribably love this album. I have no reason not to. Perfection never sounded so good to the ears. That’s all I can really say.

1.2. Volumes- No Sleep

“Up all night”, listening is exactly what the No Sleep album had me doing. I think I know every single song on this album by now. Between No Sleep and the next album I will mention, my music was on repeat a lot, actually this was probably the most replayed album in my music. If you like it heavy you have no reason not to like VOLUMES, not to mention that voice. I can’t even speak of it, just listen.

1.1. Beartooth- Disgusting

Beartooth hit the scene hard this year. Before 2014 who were they? One thing is for sure Caleb Shomo sure knows what he is doing. “Disgusting” was on everyone’s radar this year and at the top of every review including my own. Disgusting has a unique quality to it, the ability to sound like its own and have a lyrical message all too its own. “I have a problem”, I cant stop listening to this album. And I don’t want to.

I was so shell shocked by the 2014 roster that it wasn’t exactly easy for me to speak on them. In addition to the albums there were also a few singles of the year that I really enjoyed and show promise for 2015.

Northlane- Rot

Palisades- Player Hater’s Ball

Everybody Dies In Utah- Exodus  

Song of the year goes to Ed Sheeran – I See Fire.

Well hope yall enjoyed my round up. Merry Christmas