REVIEW | Indecision! Indecision! | Micah Smith | 2019

Hey guys, coming at you with a new review for an instrumental album done by Oklahoma’s own Micah Smith titled Indecision! Indecision!. This has been in the works for a while from what I had continued to hear and I’m finally glad to see that it saw the light of day! With all that said, let’s jump into this.

So, to start, Indecision! Indecision! is an album that is something that I would consider pleasing to the ear to hear. Whether you just want something to relax to or to jam to, this album can appease all. It plays with various different elements and melodies that make for quite the experience. In some tracks, you get a more joyous and smooth feeling. Others, you feel somewhat of a rush listening to.

Now, jumping in a bit further, the production. The production, for the most part, is solid. The only thing I can really say that I notice a lot of the time when I was listening to Indecision! Indecision! was the drums at times. It would sound a bit unrealistic at times taking away my focus on the beautifully done guitar and bass work and would leave me pondering about the drums. Nonetheless, once you’ve gotten past that, everything is as it was: fantastic. Not to mention, this isn’t the case in all the tracks just some.

Indecision! Indecision! Came out a bit ago and had been on my bucket list to hit review wise. Glad I got the chance to sit down and take some time to listen to it in its entirety. Definitely has some great replay value, I’ve come to find, and hopefully, you’ll feel the same. I’ll leave links below for you so you can interact with Micah Smith more and be on the lookout for more material in the future.

One last thing to note, before I forget, is that Micah Smith while doing his own solo projects, is also at work in the band KOA (Kingdom of Ashes), formerly known as Among The Missing. This instrumental group will be hitting the scene more frequently as well so you do not want to miss out on that either! I’ll include a link to KOA as well. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day!


Score: 7/10


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