5 Bands Who Have Their Own Online Slots Games

5 Bands Who Have Their Own Online Slot Games

Artists and casino games go hand-in-hand. From big-time legends like Frank Sinatra and 90s rapper Nelly to independent metal bands like Art of Dying, the love affair between musicians and gaming is no secret.

Over the years, this love affair has developed into mutually beneficial relationships between artists and casino game providers. By allowing online slot providers to use their names, images, and songs, some bands and artists have carved out niches for themselves in the burgeoning gaming industry, reaching a significantly greater number of audiences through these games. Furthermore, these band-themed games have provided an entry point for new players who’ve been music fans for a long time. And with big online prizes winnable from the comfort of their own home, it’s becoming increasingly convenient and attractive for prospective players who are interested in what their favorite band is up to. On top of that, gaming website Gala Casino outlines how welcome bonuses make entry into digital casinos easier for curious players through free playing options when they join. These incentives are reaching more and more music fans and bringing them into the world of online gaming and online slot games. Here are some of the bands that have been successful in the online gaming world.

Guns N’ Roses

With help from slot developer NetEnt, Guns N’ Roses was one of the first bands to jump on the web-based slot game bandwagon. While they’ve been criticized for this, it has actually helped the ‘80s band remain relevant and in the public conscious. In fact, before the band reunited for their Not in This Lifetime… Tour, the online slot game was one of the few ways outside of old albums, fans could connect with the original lineup.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Online casino providers and the Jimi Hendrix estate have assured that the legendary guitarist’s contributions to music and art remain relevant online today. Hendrix is arguably the best artist to use for online game development, as his songs are accompanied by a visual flair that continues to inspire musicians and visual artists today. Back in late 2019, the Authentic Hendrix LLC and Experience Hendrix LLC companies also made a deal with Sony Music’s The Thread to handle their merchandising around the world. Expect more online products in the future.


Arguably the best metal presence in the web-based gaming world, Motörhead and their hit song Ace of Spades have provided old school metal fans with an acceptable way to try out online slot games. Much like the slots based on Jimi Hendrix, Motörhead-themed slot games have also become a way for fans of the late Lenny Kilmister to experience the work of the legendary bassist and frontman in a new way.


These master showmen from the glam rock world of the ‘80s have a long history of merchandising and expanding their presence both online and offline. Their first person shooter game KISS: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child was released back in 2000, accompanied by a comic book of the same name. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that The Demon, The Beast, The Starchild, and The Fox are also bringing their unique style to today’s online slot games. And with the original band disbanding soon, the slot game will one of the few ways for fans to keeping interacting with the original KISS.

Elvis Presley

Tupelo, Mississippi’s greatest son has also been immortalized online. If you can’t afford to visit Graceland, Elvis-themed slot games provide a new and unique experience for old fans of the self-styled “King of Rock n’ Roll.” The slot game covers the different eras of his long career through both his songs and the various costumes of The King.