Aberrant Construct | Silience EP Review| 2018

Do you enjoy Archspire? Alright then, do you enjoy Acrania? Perfect. Reason that I say this is because the band I am reviewing is a nice a neat mix of both. You have the vocal speed and prowess of Archspire, and the raw heavy slams of Acrania. Let me tell you, it paints quite the picture. One thing to also note, is that this group is a local band that I have personally seen and know some of the members in that band. Great people, great band. However, this is about the material that will be releasing soon. December 15th specifically speaking. If you haven’t figured out who I am speaking of, let me tell you. I am speaking of no other band, then the OKC SLAM band, Aberrant Construct. They had a EP out in 2018 earlier this year, known as Scaphism, and to finish off the year are bringing us another EP. This time it has some “Oomph” that trumps the last EP. So, let’s jump in.

The EP in question is called Silience and is made up of 7 tracks. To begin listing off some nice things about Silience, let’s talk about the artwork. Absolutely fantastic. It provides the viewer with a sense of mystery. A sense that makes the listener unsure of what it is they are in for. So far, you may have heard their recent single, Neotony, with their lyric video done by none other than the lyric video king, Scott Rudd. Neotony’s lyric video was released through SLAMWORLDWIDE, so if you haven’t already, go ahead and check it out below!

Now that the tone has been set (hopefully), we can jump into the EP now. If you expected this EP to sound like what you just heard, you’d be right. A nice detail that can be gathered from this new EP is that it does a very good job of keeping the same tone the entire time. Something to also note, while Silience keeps the same tone throughout, it does a fair job of attempting not to sound like the last track before it. Something that I specifically look for in any release. The last thing I’d want to hear is the same song several times in a row, and I’m certain the same could be said for several people, especially in this genre. So, with that said, this EP is a step in the right direction.

Now, production wise this is a much cleaner EP than the previous one, Scaphism. You can really tell a lot more time and thought went in on this EP.  Furthermore, something that deserves praise is that all of their last EP and this one was done by fellow band member Mychal Soto. Very well done for DIY production work. That isn’t to say nothing else seemed to evolve with the sound, because in all aspects of this group, there is maturity to Silience. The vocal work has improved, drum work, and guitar/bass work. Everything has improved, and I think that’s why I am excited for other people to hear Silience.

I look forward to hearing a full length from these guys soon. They have a lot of potential and I would hate to see it go to waste. If you live in the Oklahoma City area or anywhere nearby, you need to see these guys live. Not much else to say regarding this other than I can’t wait to see what comes next from this, and where it will go. There may also be an interview in the works, but we will see how that follows through. Check out Silience December 15th, 2018. Be sure to check out their previous EP as well, it’s worth the listen.

Score: 8/10

Favorite Track: Silience

Neotony Music Video | SLAMWORLDWIDE