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I am Squ1DDoS.  I once owned and operated over at TotalDeathcore.  Turned into a promotional site, and just stopped posting.

I realized how much people enjoy and appreciate when people recognize them, even better when no one has heard of them.  They also enjoy reading what other people have to say about music and the general idea/concept of what we do here.  We want to let people know there are a lot of bands out there, who need the recognition that the main-streamers have acquired.  Whether it be  Facebook, YouTube, Blogspots, or just Google in general.  People need to find ways to find music, and support the bands they discover.

Chad Machan-Garland (Squ1DDoS)
Original Owner/Site Maintenence – Contact

Barrett Stephens (BearlySinister)
Owner/Music Journalist/Interviewer/Editor-in-Chief – Contact


Connor Welsh (Eccentricism)
Music Journalist/Editor  – Contact


Andrew Wayne (MelodicEnmity)
Music Journalist/Interviewer/Professional Musician (see Aurin) – Contact



Toney Emmons (sowannight)

Music Journalist/Interviewer – Contact


Jordan Swickard – Music Journalist / Promotions – Contact: Gutturalswick@gmail.com

Audhinn Pelletier – Music Journalist – Contact: audhinn@gmail.com

Adam Alexander – Music Journalist – Contact

David Neil Boughter III – Music Journalist – Contact