Artist: Betraying the Martyrs
Album: Rapture
Label: Sumerian Records

Hailing from Paris, France, we have some of Metalcore’s very finest dropping their latest album ‘Rapture‘ through Sumerian Records. Following up on their third of September single release ‘Down‘ (video found below.) Nestled in tight to their unique sound, delivering exactly what I thought I would hear and then some! This band already displays incredible ingenuity so when you hear new aspects of creativity that you have not heard by other bands, it still blows your mind.

The entirety of ‘Rapture‘ is one big reality check, smack to the face. It speaks volumes on human interactions with our own surroundings. Are we really heading to a point of no return? There comes a point where you realize lyrics become more than just lyrics. The voice of Aaron Matts is the perfect beacon to carry such a message, Covering every spectrum of emotion through his words. Delivery of any strong, meaningful message relies heavily on the impression it brings when presented. There’s no better way to represent their cause than how they do it with Betraying the Martyrs. Melodic guitar solos by Baptiste Vigier and Steeves Hostin, paving the way for some of the grooviest drums in all of Metalcore. Having an actual keyboardist is amazing too, the broader sound the better, and these guys bring a HUGE sound. Victor Guillet doesn’t only champion over the keyboard, but he contributes to the rush by bringing some calm within the storm, providing those melodic vocals for even more depth of expression. In fact the only big critique I have is that I’d really appreciate hearing Victor harmonize with his shouted vocals more, as he has an amazing voice, that I wanted to hear more of.

The Album holds up at just over Forty-one minutes, but it will be countless hours played, whether you’re new getting into Betraying the Martyrs, or you’re an older fan, or even an O.G fan, It didn’t disappoint. Comparatively it’s a much more matured sound, and that’s how this band has been. Each new album is progressively maturing. Defining a sound that’s so unique to them and their style, something that is becoming harder and harder to achieve for bands to do. Keeping your sound original, while progressing your sound throughout each album release is one of the more impressive feats of accomplishment. When a band can be around for as long as this one and only grow bigger. As for me, I’m not ready to live these guys down yet, nowhere close to it.
Ladies and djentlemen, if a real high quality mix is something you hold dear, you should be pretty content here. Mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd at Henrik Udd Studio in Sweden. The keyboard seemed to be drowning out their drums here and there, but nothing too big. The mix quality through this album is balanced pretty well, I wouldn’t have expected a “weaker” mix than any previous album, but there was not really a bigger or fatter sound to be noticed.

Rapture‘ is a an Album that’ll have you achieving that new record on bench press, dead lift or that 5k you’ve been practicing for. The ideal album for riding into battle, or standing at your window watching the entire world as you know it, fall apart, and unravel into chaos. As long as you have Forty-one minutes to spare before you are plunged into darkness with it, give ‘Rapture‘ album a listen!

Betraying The Martyrs // Rapture // OUT NOW

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