Album Review: Minority 905 – Dangerous Ambitions

Artist: Minority 905
Album: Dangerous Ambitions

Written by: Elizabeth Nicole

“It’s not a lot, but it’s worth something more.” A truer statement (or lyric) could not be said for Canada’s four-piece Minority 905.

Their latest release, Dangerous Ambitions, is a wonderful run of 12 pop-punk tracks. The first track, “Don’t Panic” is one of the most fantastic openers to an album; full of pure awesomeness with Steven Wolwyn’s bass that shakes you down to your ribcage in pure vibration along with Spasimir Vasilev‘s drum work.

The fourth track of the album is “Relapse.” A song filled with lyrics to send you back in time to when you were 16 and had your first love. But then your first love turned into your first heartbreak. “You were onto something good, you decided to throw it all away…can’t give me a reason why I should relapse into you.” It’s been a hard lesson for all of us – to ignore someone who broke you. John Aquino’s lyrics for “Relapse” captures that to a ‘T’ and the following track “Picture Perfect” is the absolute perfect followup to ignore that ‘relapse’ of heartbreak. Aquino rings in the chorus with “You’ll never see how you want me to be, I’m not picture perfect.” A complete realization of ‘I can never be your perfect picture so it’s time to walk away.’

Now, these four bandmates have definitely got the energy down for pop-punk. With songs of getting over heartbreak, facing life’s unknown future – it is all there and ideally constructed to be solid. But Minority 905 isn’t afraid to show a little sweet side. “Soundtrack” was a single and music video off of Dangerous Ambitions and it is truly a song to come back to over and over again on this album. “We don’t have to rewind back, for as long as I know you’ve been my soundtrack.” With Aquino’s lyrics and Chris Goodfellow’s guitar hook, the song is – without a doubt – a summer soundtrack to blare with the windows rolled down, going nowhere. Just enjoying that one special person’s company.

Unfortunately, all albums do have a final track. “Run This Town” is luckily not the very last song of the album, but it is definitely an awesome closer to include. In this track, everything that Minority 905 has to offer flows confidently and beautifully together. The first track, “Don’t Panic”, may have been an anthem for them, but “Run This Town” is a closer tie. The song delivers a rush to any listener. With upbeat drums, the right guitar hooks, that foot-tapping bass, and the chorus is an absolute BANGER for any pop-punk listener.

As a whole, Dangerous Ambitions is a hit. These Ontario-based mates clearly have a passion for their music; delivering mood-boosting lyrics and conducting an instrumental flow that you cannot help but looking to when you can catch Minority 905 out on stage. Just as Aquino sings, “let the good times roll…” for pop-punk is alive and well in this album.

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