Ambient Metalcore Outfit It Gets Worse Release 2 Singles from Forthcoming Album


Newly-formed NY ambient metalcore outfit It Gets Worse has a name that is anything but reflective of their sound. In fact, if you listened to their debut single “IPSUM” (released back in July)  and found yourself impressed, you’ll only find yourself smitten by their sophomore single, “For the Sake of the Future, Kill the Past,” which was released just a few weeks ago. The band’s members, who have yet to be revealed, are all incredibly talented and seemed to have a clear vision of what they wanted their sound to be, going into this venture. Their vocalist can fluidly move from spoken-word sections, a la Hotel Books, to incredibly emotional clean vocals and then wrap it up with some powerful screams. The guitars create an ambiance that flows through and conveys the emotions meant to be felt through each track, while the rhythm and percussion sections provide a strong backbone and are given room to breathe freely. Speaking to the band’s vocalist, he had the following to say about each of the tracks.

Our debut single, IPSUM is about self love. IPSUM in Latin means self love. A lot of people are hating themselves nowadays, saying they’re not good enough, and they’re just really lost in life, yet they continue to fake a smile everyday . I’ve been the exact same position as they’ve been in, so I know exactly what it feels like (look through my eyes, see what I learned the hard, way).”

“For the Sake of the Future, Kill the Past is pretty much saying not getting bad vibes or shitty memories stuck inside your head.because of shitty fake people in our lives. We should all look up to the better moments in our lives, rather than dwelling on the painful ones”

Find yourself intrigued by the description alone? You’re in luck, check out both singles below and be sure to drop them a like! They’re cooking up some big things for the new year and you’d be a fool to miss out on them!

“IPSUM” (Official Audio Stream [lyrics in description])

“For the Sake of the Future, Kill the Past” (Official Audio Stream [lyrics in description])

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