American Standards Offer New EP “The Death of Rhythm and Blues” For Free Download


Up-and-coming hardcore phenoms American Standards are getting into the holiday spirit! How, you may ask? Their latest album, “The Death of Rhythm and Blues” will be available for free download throughout the month of December! Vocalist, Brandon Kellum said on the subject: “We figured it would be a really cool way to give back to the fans who have supported us over the past year!” Some of you may remember my review of this EP a little while back, if not, I’ll link it below as well. Share the link with all of your friends, your family, your enemies, your frenimies and everyone who you feel could use some great hardcore music!

“The Death of Rhythm and Blues” Free Download (BandCamp)

Review: “The Death of Rhythm and Blues” (Author: BearlySinister)