Artificial Pathogen Unleash A Crushing Brand New Single, Confirms New Album!

United Kingdom is the spawn of a lot of great heavy music. That’s just fact. Artificial Pathogen helps me back up that statement. The Scotland, United Kingdom Slamming Deathcore outfit has unleashed a brand new song to shake up the Earth yet again with their devastating breakdowns with a perfect blend of technical riffage. “The Will Of Antashti Sul” is the title for this brutal new track by the UK natives. Exclusively releasing on Slam Worldwide. The band has confirmed more songs coming out in the foreseeable future, and an album is in the works. The album will be titled, ‘The Plagueborne Chronicals‘ and is slated for 2019!

The Will Of Antashti Sul‘ is a 5 minute long track filled with our favorite elements in an the highly debatable Slam genre. First time through it really left me saying “Daaamnnn” at least five times throughout the track. Absolutely devastating instrumental work with very impressive songwriting. The vocals and the surprising tones he utilizes throughout the song. It’s a true stride for the band as they push further into their careers and to continue to keep pushing the bare not only for themselves as musicians but for the band as a whole. Check it out below!