ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Before Breathing

Before Breathing are the metalcore band you’ve been waiting for. Hailing from Chile, this metalcore outfit is here to fill your ears with tasty grooves, intricate rhythms, and bouncy riffs that get your head bopping. Releasing their debut EP in 2017, titled¬†Born Into The Chaos,¬†they slowly began to grow and make their mark on the world. They’ve gotten the chance to tour the USA on a mini-tour back in the summer and made their mark that they’re not to be messed with.


Two years after their debut EP, they’ve released two singles in anticipation of their next release: “Dead Thoughts” and “Suffocating.” Over the last two years, the growth in musicianship, technicality, and vocal strength is prominent in these two releases. For a small band to gain the chance to come to America after one EP shows that this band not only puts in hard work and dedication, but also ensures that they’re in the scene to take place at the top of everyone’s favorites list.

From their first release, there were intense metalcore aspects that lightly peppered in deathcore aspects. With mid-ranged vocals screaming about subjects such as betrayal, political rage, and apprenticeship, the themes of the lyrics really emphasize what metalcore is all about. Uplifting riffs that invoke audience participation in the pit and drums that tastefully section from blastbeats to paradiddles, this band isn’t messing around. Check them out below!