Autumn Stay Confidently Return with Entrancing New Single, “Confess”

PC: Jackie Schutza (as well as the featured image)

It’s no secret that we have a lot of love for Waco (now Austin’s) Autumn Stay. We’ve been fortunate enough to cover each and every one of their releases, since their inception. We have been able to personally give them critiques on music, well before the public was ready to hear it. The struggle for them has been real, especially for vocalist Dani Blizzard, but they’ve overcome each obstacle and they’re ready to show what they’re capable of. When I heard that they were entering Assembly Line Studios with the legendary Kevin “131” Guitierrez, I was already sold on the direction they were headed. What I didn’t expect, though, is what their upcoming single, “Confess” would hold in store. With each “hype post” I saw, as with many fans of the band, I was more and more hooked… and I hadn’t yet heard anything. However, one night, Dani finally let me in on the secret and I’ve played it, on repeat, just about every day since.

The band has fallen victim to sub-par mix jobs, improper leveling and a lack of structure, in general, when it comes to the recording process. “Confess,” however, suffers from none of these. In fact, this version of Autumn Stay is what I’ve always envisioned them to sound like. A dark, atmospheric and explosive journey that will leave you begging for more. After the departure of drummer, Zak Clarke, Frank Williams (Beneath the Fallen) joined the fold and brought a grittier, more metal background with him. The result? A song that could easily rival most songs on the radio today. Think of a beautiful, chaotic mix between Karmacode era Lacuna Coil and Blood era In This Moment. Williams’ drumming is instantly recognizable and guitarist Stephen Douglas gets a chance to really shine with the kind of heavy, filthy riffs that will have you strumming along to your air guitar. The verses see Blizzard go from soft and sultry, with an air of sarcasm, building into a chorus that soars and is TRULY unforgettable.

Probably one of the most amazing things about this track is, when compared to their back catalogue, the vocal growth. Where Blizzard has never been shy about speaking her mind, nor singing about the things she wants, she’s never been able to fully open up, on a more personal level. Now, she shines bright and comes off as extremely confident and near-cocky! While no vocal effects are needed on her, Guitierrez chose to layer her vocals and it turned out better than one could ever imagine…. aaand… there’s a screamed part! A soft, innocent bridge builds into a natural, primal scream that really amplifies the feeling of the track.

“Confess” is a sonic rebirth for Autumn Stay, in the same vein of bands like Bring Me the Horizon, In This Moment and Whitechapel. While the genres aren’t necessarily similar to one another, these are all changes that have seen each band elevated to the next level. Prepare for Autumn Stay to break out, in a big way. “Confess” hits airwaves on Friday, April 5th, and will be independently released. Currently, the only way to pick it up is to become a backer on the band’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign! More info on that coming very soon!

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