Autumn Stay Loves to Be the Topic of Their Hater’s Tongues (Exclusive Review)

Part of existence is realizing that, at every turn, there’s going to be those jealous of you. This becomes especially true in the music industry. As you rise to the top, there’s going to be those at the bottom who trash your name, try to spite you and do everything they can to bring you down. It is when you take the ridiculous nature of these individuals and turn it into something productive that you’re shown as being the bigger person. For Waco’s Autumn Stay, this comes in the form of their newest single “Topic Of Your Tongue,” mixed and mastered by BenJamin Hull at Dream Loud Studio.

Their sound is immediately recognized as something bigger, better and more explorative in terms of their overall approach. There are a lot of different elements to explore here. For starters, the track opens up with some slide chords, followed by the main riff which will find itself stuck in your head. Vocalist Dani Blizzard comes in and builds the listener up to the first chorus, which sums up the entire reason for writing this track. “You’re gonna see our name in lights, you’re gonna hear them chant our name. Go ahead and say you regret the day you trashed our name!” Immediately following, the track changes tempo and comes into a more aggressive side of the band, only slightly explored in the early days of the band. You can tell that Dani wanted to say so much more, as her venom is turned into art in the most beautiful of ways here. If I were to draw a comparison here, I’d say it’s like looking a black widow in the eye and taunting it… ready to strike but biding her time until the moment is right.

The way this track was recorded, allowed for a lot of room for the various instruments to breathe. This, in turn, created a more atmospheric sound with the guitars and makes Zak Clarke’s drumming sound almost arena ready. Look out haters, Autumn Stay just loves to be the “Topic of Your Tongue.”