Awakening – Blessthefall: REVIEW


Band: Blessthefall (Facebook)

Album: Awakening
Rating: 5/5

01. Awakening
02. Promised Ones
03. Bottomfeeder
04. I’m Bad News, in the Best Way
05. The Reign
06. 40 Days…
07. Bones Crew
08. Don’t Say Goodbye
09. Undefeated
10. ‘Till the Death of Me
11. Flatline
12. Meet Me at the Gates

From their humble beginnings in 2003 with Craig Mabbitt and the release of His Last Walk until now, Blessthefall has always been a force to be reckoned with. Since the departure of Mabbitt in 2009, the band has been defining themselves as one of the most influential post-hardcore bands currently on the scene. Spreading heavy guitars, infectious sing-along lyrics, and the message of Christ all in one big package. Currently signed to Fearless Records, the band has just released their 3rd and possibly most powerful album, Awakening. They are out to prove something with this record. In this review, I’ll take a look at the lyrical content, instrumentals, and the powerful message that the band is trying to spread.
Anyone who knows the band from the past knows that this is a band full of Christian beliefs and that they are out to spread the word of the Lord in a way that everyone can enjoy. This album, however, and it’s title Awakening suggests that we need to wake up and realize that something big is fast-approaching. The lyrics suggest that we need to be ready for a war, no, not a military war, but a spiritual war like none other we’ve ever seen. The band as well as many others in the “Christ-core” genre are trying to spread this message and prepare us for it. From the opening title track to the explosive ending “Meet Me at the Gates”, Blessthefall is out to show us what is coming and that we need to devote our lives to a higher purpose in order to truly be ready for it.
Key Tracks:
Promised Ones: The first single from the album and possibly one of the hardest-hitting lyrically. “We are the promised ones and nothing’s in our way. They can try but they’ll never stop us. Tell all our enemies, we’re ready for a war. We’ve been there and we’ll never die.” The signal to our enemies that us Christians are ready for the war. Nothing will stop us and nothing will stand in our way from getting to Heaven. This is a battle cry of sorts. Telling our enemies to beware because we won’t go down when we begin this fight.
The Reign: Possibly one of the most melodic tracks on the album, but none less powerful lyrically than the ones before it. It’s about the acceptance of our Savior into our lives. Asking for forgiveness for our sins and letting him reign in our lives forevermore. “So let your love reign in my hollow land. Been waiting all my life to feel this, make me whole again!” is the chorus and it tugs the heart-strings pretty hard.
40 Days…: This song is about the struggle of keeping Jesus Christ in our lives when things get rough. It’s a reminder to pray and keep your head up and give it all to Him instead of letting it overwhelm you.
Meet Me at the Gates: My personal favorite on the album. This song is about what will happen when the smoke clears. In the bible it says the sky will open up and the Lord will call his faithful home. “The sky will open up, I’ve waited long to feel your touch. So meet me at the gates and wash my tears away” The battle is over and the faithful are being called home.
Final Thoughts:
Whether you just like post-hardcore music or you are a Christian yourself or even both, this album has something for everyone. From heavy guitars and screams to amazing instrumentals and melodies unlike anything I’ve heard this year so far, Awakening is a high contender for my album of they year. I definitely recommend you pick up a copy!

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