Band Review: Despised Virtue


As you guys know, New Transcendence has grown stronger relationships with a few newer bands. Despised Virtue is one of those bands and I am honored to be sitting here writing this. Despised Virtue has a simple message “Hope Through Music”. If you guys read my review for “The Challenger” ,which was produced by The Sin Circle, you will know that this is a band that has started off on the right foot from the beginning. I’ve had the pleasure of having many talks with my new good friend, Robby Anderson, who does the screams for the band and behind the name, is a lot of pain and anguish. Despised Virtue is not your average metal band! They are out to do what most metal bands won’t anymore, and that’s to give you hope through their lyrics. Every song that they’ve written is relatable in some shape or form and for any who are going through struggles, I recommend this band. Not only are they a clean-cut band who manage to spread a positive message, but they are rising quick and with that, comes some amazing opportunities. Their newest single “Memories” which comes from their debut EP, “Defender” which will be released March 29th, is another track I’ve covered. It’s perfect in every way, while still maintaining just enough difference to make it a unique listen every time! Despised Virtue is Robby Anderson on Screams, Hunter Hepperly on Cleans, Nick Fultz and Eric Pickus on guitar, Grant Williams on Bass, and Noah Chambers on skins! These guys have gone through many line-up changes and with that, comes major progression in their sound. Be on the lookout for DV in a town near you soon, because they will be touring worldwide before you know it! Check out their label Heads & Tails, as well, there are some great bands on the roster with them! I’ll link “The Challenger” as well as “Memories” below for all our readers to check out!

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“The Challenger (ft. Etienne Sin)”