Band Review: Stories of Solitude



Hailing from parts of North Carolina and Ohio, Stories of Solitude is a post-hardcore band out to make a name for themselves. The band consists of Jordan Swickard on screams, Craig Danielson on guitar and clean vocals, Johnathan Lewis on guitar, Ken Mcafee on bass, and Joey Sourlis on drums. The band’s first single as the current lineup was “Wounds” which is a powerful track with deep lyrics, heavy hitting guitar licks and devastating drums. I’ve had the most contact with Craig and Jordan and from what I can tell, this band has a lot happening for them in the little time they’ve been together. I recently got a sneak-peek of a new track they’re releasing called “Betrayal” and I have to say, their producer is amazing. The debut EP from these metal titans, titled “The Wounded” will be out later this year with a full-length soon to follow. If “Betrayal” or “Wounds” is any indication, “The Wounded” will be something truly triumphant in the bands career. Keep an eye peeled on this group of talented musicians because it won’t be long until you will see them everywhere!