Band of the Week #1: Artificial Pathogen (04/03 – 04/10)

Artificial Pathogen

We are proud to present you our first band of the week: Artificial Pathogen is an uprising Slam/Deathcore juggernaut group formed on the 7th of January 2015. The original line-up consisted of Alexander Sévigny & Aaron Gregory. Recently signed to Transcending Records, Artificial Pathogen has shown dedication and pure brutality in progression along their newly found journey. The group took part in the deathcore compilation “Collected and Harvested”  with now label-mates Despondent and a variety of other deathcore talents. Artificial Pathogen released their debut Bio Organic Destruction in early February of 2015. The track “Apocalypse Escape” was very popular among their listeners. During this time they started on Tears Of A Goddess. It was an album that’s certainly love or hate in sound but, the group personally felt a lot of pride from what they’ve put into Tears Of A Goddess. After a few months of the release they began preparations for Lilith, the EP that changed everything they stood for. “It was a drastic change in sound but in the same breath it was what we wanted. It was our sound, our take on the music world, that EP to date is our best in our minds and we hope to build on that aspect.” Alex Ives, the vocalist, has mentioned to New Transcendence. New Transcendence has gladly chosen Artificial Pathogen to feature because of their sheer raw power behind each track, their dedication to their fans, and to the scene. Artificial Pathogen recently released the first single “Maria The Tormentor” (You can find below) a single that has only just started the ball rolling for how their new sound will take its grip. Keep an eye out for a new album later this year! 


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