Beacons announce new album “Dark World”


beacThe one and only Beacons have announced their new album Dark World for 2016! That’s right, a new album! Beacons made their first waves with the release of their Endless EP in 2013. It’s been over a year since their debut album, Dead Thoughts, first blasted into our ears. When the last track Strangled played I can speak for all of us when I say we wanted more. Dark World will be faster, more blasts, crazy beat-downs, and overall beefier according to their vocalist,  Taylor Byrant.  The band released the artwork and track-list on their Facebook page along with a in-studio teaser (Click here to check the teaser out!). When I reached out to Taylor – he had this to say about Dark World:


 It’s faster (more blasts than Dead Thoughts) but also has some crazy beat-down parts spread through out. The production is a lot beefier as well. I’m probably most stoked on the riffs Kyle wrote for this record, catchy ass breakdowns and chorus’ throughout. and I’m pretty pumped on doing some new things vocally and more so refined my vocal sound for Beacons. I’ve got super highs now that I’m fucking pumped on and there are a good amount of gross gutturals as well. Also lyrically I kind of spread out my writing for each song by at least maybe 3 weeks to a month. I’ve learned that if you pump out a lot in a short amount of time they all tend to sound the same and not have an identity of their own, so not only do the songs all sound different, lyrically they don’t repeat vibes either.


Track-list to Dark World:
I: Dark World
II: The Serpent Shepherd
III: World In Pain
IV: Meat Hook
V: Homewrecker
VI: Moving On
VII: Round Two
VIII: A Product of Lies
IX: Waste of Time
X: The Rising Son
XI: The Light
XII: Idiocracy
XIII: Finally Free

So there you have it folks, another album to look forward to in 2016!

Beacons on Facebook | YouTube

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