BearlySinister Discusses EVA’s Unexpected Rise to Popularity in the UK, Transferring That Success to the US and Future Plans

Our fearless leader, BearlySinister, had the chance to submit some questions to EVA about her unexpected rise to popularity in the UK, how she plans to transfer that success to the US and her bright future.

BearlySinister: How did you get your start in music and what led you to the genres that you’ve chosen to pursue? What artists influenced you to head into the pop/EDM genres?

Eva: I’ve always loved upbeat pop music. As a kid I wanted to dance around to the artists and groups that were my fav like Britney, Christina, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and N*SYNC. That shaped my love and desire to perform and be a pop artist myself. So its fitting that I’ve always been drawn to the same genre of music my whole life. Once I graduated from high school I started traveling to LA to pursue my career as a pop artist and I haven’t looked back since.

BearlySinister: Being from Los Angeles, how did it feel to know that you received such a great response to your music in the UK? Can you remember exactly how you felt, when you learned that you had a top 10 Billboard single there?

Eva: It was so exciting! I was actually a little shocked it did so well in that short time, just because we didn’t even put much promo behind the song outside of the clubs. It feels good to have my music being so well received and I can’t wait to do another release over in the UK, I wanna go back!

BearlySinister: One of your singles, “Body On Mine” features internationally-acclaimed rapper, Tyga. How did this collaboration come together and what was it like working with him?

Eva: It was really cool to be able to work with Tyga. Fortunately, we knew someone who wanted to share the song with him. Once he heard the song he wanted to be a part of it and obviously I was happy to have him! The whole experience was great.

BearlySinister: Speaking on the subject of collaborations: Who is one artist you hope to collaborate with some day? How have they influenced you over the years?

Eva: I’d have to choose one of my favorite female artists who has definitely influent me over the years. I think I’d pick Britney Spears or Lady Gaga. Both amazingly talented performers and pop artists in general. I look up to them a lot and hope to work with them one day.

BearlySinister: Your newest single, “Over U” was just released a couple of weeks ago and garnered pretty positive reviews from fans. What is the origin story of this track and where does it fit into your upcoming, self-titled EP?

Eva: Over U is a solid breakup anthem. Its not about a specific breakup that I’ve encountered but I know its a song that many people can relate to on that level including myself. I’ve dealt with my fair share of crappy relationships over the years whether its a friend or boyfriend, Over U expresses empowerment and strength to move on. We’re still working on the EP but its looking like most songs are following that same theme.

BearlySinister: The bulk of your success, so far, has been in the UK. Being an artist from the US, this is an incredible feat but how do you plan on transferring that success to the US?

Eva: We’re trying! haha I’ve learned over the years that its much harder to break a song or an artist here in the US compared to other countries. I love the UK and look forward to continued success there. But its also important to me to have the same successes here in the states so we continue to work on both markets… and more!

BearlySinister: When writing/recording your EP, who did you work with and where did you record? Were they able to help you pinpoint the sound that you were looking for?

Eva: I’ve mostly worked at Studio City Sound in Studio City outside of Los Angeles. I’ve worked mainly with Alex Nahai on these songs. Alex and I have been woking together for a few years now and we work really well. He’s helped a lot with my music, he’s very creative and a perfectionist which may prolong the process a bit, but it is a good thing and better in the long run. We’re both very happy with the new music we’ve created!

BearlySinister: Once the EP is completed, do you have a unique marketing plan for it? Music videos, studio diaries, etc?

Eva: Yeah! I can’t spill all the beans but we’re definitely working on a new music video coming up shortly. We’ll be releasing some new content online and we’re figuring out some other interesting things to partake in that’ll create a little more attention. So stay tuned…

BearlySinister: When it comes to touring surrounding the EP, are there plans to hit the UK or are you going to wait until you have more material available?

Eva: We haven’t made these decisions quite yet since were still finishing the music and haven’t moved onto tour plans yet. But I love the UK and I definitely would like to travel there again soon and especially perform there!

BearlySinister: One of the most powerful things in music, is the messages that it can convey. What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

Eva: I agree! I’ve always loved fun upbeat music that makes you wanna dance and feel good. So ultimately thats something I hope others can get from my music. Everyone goes through their own crap in their lives and I want my music to be a small source of joy for anyone. Its important to take a break and give yourself just a few minutes of enjoyment here and there when you’re going through a tough time and hopefully my music can help with that.

BearlySinister: That’s about all I have for you. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to introducing our readers to Eva. Is there anything else you’d like to say before we wrap this up?

Eva: Thank you so much for your support! I’m really excited to release my upcoming EP and I hope your readers will check it out and enjoy the music!

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