BearlySinister’s Monthly Round-Up: August 2014

August held a lot of amazing releases and 2014 is shaping up to end with a bang! However, some releases stood out more than others. Here are my top picks for August 2014: Albums & Singles

#5: DragonForce – Maximum Overload

I was quite skeptical once ZP decided to part ways with Dragonforce. After hearing the first single with their new singer, Marc Hudson, I wasn’t entirely certain I would be able to get used to him. Once I heard Maximum Overload for the first time, my tune changed almost instantly! If you haven’t checked this album out, featuring Trivium’s Matt Heafy on 3 tracks, you are really missing out!
#4: Upon A Burning Body – The World Is My Enemy Now

Say what you will of the stunt that they pulled in promotion of this album but UABB really delivered with their newest effort! Featuring guest vocals from Matt Heafy (Trivium) and Tyler “Telle” Smith (The Word Alive), this album is sure to sit high atop many album of the year lists! Out now on Sumerian Records, so go pick it up!
#3: Godsmack – 1000 HP (Review)

With boston rockers, Godsmack, you either love them or hate them. However, if you were disappointed in ANY way by the masterpiece (imo) that was The Oracle, you can rejoice in the fact that, for the most part, 1000 HP was a complete 180 degree turn! It’s fast-paced, it smacks you in the face and it serves as a reminder to why these guys have been at the top of the charts for so long!
#2: New Medicine – Breaking The Model (Review)

You may not have heard of New Medicine prior to their signing to Imagen Records. That’s okay, these guys are sure to surprise with their party anthems, insane talent and “IDGAF” attitudes! Breaking the Model can serve as a companion to a big party, an escape from reality or a feel-good album. Check out my review and pick it up, if you haven’t already!
#1: Famous Last Words – Council of the Dead (EXCLUSIVE Review)

It looks like my #1 contender for album of the year may reign as champ for 2 years in a row! Coming out of the gruesome story that was Two-Faced CharadeCouncil of the Dead teaches you to cherish what you have because you never know when it will be gone. The album tells the stories of 8 individuals, each of which have been gathered in the afterlife for a counseling session of sorts. Spawning the amazingly powerful single, “One in the Chamber”, this album really proves how much talent these guys have and continue to show! Vocalist JT Tollas’ vocal range is really explored in this one and it makes for one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride! With the addition of Matthew Bell to the line-up… they have really solidified the persona for the band and will be THE band to watch in 2015! Stay tuned because NT will have any and all info for you guys when the next album rolls around!

#5: Let It Happen – “Burst + Bloom”

#4: Emarosa – “People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play”

#3: DOPE – “Selfish”

#2: Ariana Grande – “Break Free” (ft. Zedd)

#1: Famous Last Words – “One in the Chamber”