BearlySinister’s Monthly Round-Up (June 2014)

June was a pretty great month for music in general but there were a few releases that really caught my eye. Check out my June Round-Up and, when you’re done, let me know if you agree, disagree or have a different list! 

#6: Man Made Machine – Undeniable (Review)

This EP not only reminded me of why I loved MMM in the first place, but it showed a heavier, darker side to the band that was previously unexplored. It was definitely one of the best releases of the month!

#5: Stars in Stereo – Leave Your Mark (Review)

Proving that Rock isn’t dead, Stars in Stereo’s new album Leave Your Mark does just that. It leaves a mark on you emotionally and leaves you begging for more! Sadly, you probably won’t hear this on the radio but this is the type of radio I’d love to hear!

#4: Nothing More – Nothing More (Review)

After seeing these guys at Rockfest, nothing has been the same for me. I thought I had seen energy in bands like Five Finger Death Punch, Pop Evil, etc but these guys have an amount of energy that is unmatched and truly make them a band worth talking about. Their new album will blow you away!

#3: Arch Enemy – War Eternal (Review)

With the departure of Angela Gossow and the arrival of Alissa White-Gluz, I knew that this would be an interesting album. That would have to be the understatement of the century. Arch Enemy are on top of their game, White-Gluz brings some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard to the table and the band as a whole is completely in sync! If you haven’t checked this album out, you need to do so now!

#2: Mirror:Mirror – Black & White (EXCLUSIVE Review)

Produced by Shawn Christmas, this EP will change the face of post-hardcore as you know it. Vocalist Joey Varela’s R&B-like clean vocals mixed with Freddy Lopez’s killer screams and an appearance from Christmas himself make this an EP that’s NOT to be missed!

#1: Atlas – “Wake Me When I’m Famous!” (EXCLUSIVE Review)

Rising from the ashes of Neil to Aldrin, Atlas is a band who have something to prove. It’s hard to remain unbiased sometimes, especially with friends but I can say that my unbiased opinion of Atlas is that these guys are going to go far. The band as a whole is incredible but, in particular, Jay Espinoza’s vocals have never been better! For a local release, this has all the makings of a major label debut!

Honorable Mentions:

HellYeah – Blood for Blood (Review)

While this album definitely whet my appetite, I found myself wanting a lot more after listening to Blood for Blood. One of the best releases of the month, no doubt, but there were those that surpassed it.