BearlySinister’s Top 5 Albums of the Month

It’s been a pretty great year for music and, while we didn’t get this idea earlier in the year, I am proud to bring you the first of our “Top Albums of the Month” segment for the month of May. Special shout out to Bailey Olinger for the idea!

#5: Powerman 5000 – Builders of the Future

There’s no mistaking the talent that these robotic men of the future possess. They’ve been bringing their special brand of Sci-Fi Rock n Roll for over 20 years, ever-progressive, ever-evolving. Their latest offering is one of their best to date! It features everything that made “Somewhere On the Other Side of Nowhere” so wonderful, cranked up, fine-tuned and thrown in with a little “Tonight, the Stars Revolt!” flavor sprinkled in there.

#4: Rascal Flatts – Rewind

While I haven’t been a fan of their last couple records, Rascal Flatts really pulled it together for their latest effort. It’s just catchy enough to get stuck in your head, just country enough to make country fans happy and has just enough of a pop vibe to be cross-genre. Rewind is the album I’ve been waiting for them to make since Me and My Gang and they did it flawlessly!

#3: Being As An Ocean – How We Both Wondrously Perish

For many, Being As An Ocean’s Dear G-D was probably one of their favorite albums of 2012 and rightfully so. It was an emotional, blissful roller coaster and, honestly one of the best releases that InVogue Records has put out since its inception. However, How We Both Wondrously Perish not only MATCHED that level of intensity, emotion and angst but found a way to make it even better!

#2: Lily Allen – Sheezus

Lil’s return to the scene was not an easy one, but she always finds a way to overcome. Her latest album, Sheezus, proved that she has what it takes to reach the top once more and isn’t afraid to take a huge bite out of whoever stands in her way! The title track took hits at all her female pop brethren. The lead single, “Hard Out Here” (originally released in November of 2013) was an empowering song for women, letting them know you don’t have to be a sex symbol to get somewhere in the world. Be ready because I’m sure this is only the beginning for this beauty.

#1: Brantley Gilbert – Just As I Am

Every once in awhile, I’ll come across a Country album that really drops my jaw. This year, it’s been Just As I Am by Brantley Gilbert. Released on Valory Music Co. on May 19th, this album served as one of the most down-home, amazing albums that I’ve ever had the privilege to review. With his bad boy persona, his country swagger and his ability to cross genres so well, he may just end up in my Year End Blowout post!