Before I Turn: A Tale of Forlorn Tragedy Unfolds with “Lovelorn: Moon”

Artist: Before I Turn (Hartford, CT)
Album: Lovelorn: Moon
Label: Independent

1. Tragedy
2. Masquerade
3. Only to Fall
4. Murder
5. Shattered Moon (ft. Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox)
6. Lorn (ft. Shawn Milke of Alesana)
7. Sepulcher

CT post-hardcore upstarts Before I Turn turned heads in a major way with their last release, Claustrophobic. A tale of love, loss and insanity at every turn, their ability to weave a captivating concept, while simultaneously building the soundscape to match is admirable to say the least. It wasn’t long before fans were clamoring for a continuation of a story that left many questions unanswered. Not a band to disappoint, they quickly began the follow-up release Lovelorn. Originally set to be released in Spring 2020, it has now evolved into 2 parts, which will be released together later in the year to get the full story. The decision to bring the album forth this way came at a time where everything has been uncertain and most releases are being pushed back. Lovelorn: Moon will be released on April 19th and comes from the decision to not overload people with too much at once. After all, the story being told takes some digging into and, presented in two parts, allows the listener more time to process it. 

Lovelorn: Moon takes the bands newer, more explorative sound and amplifies it to new heights. While it’s predecessor was much more of a straight-forward post-hardcore record, there are a lot of progressive and djent-influenced sections here. Additionally, “Masquerade,” which is the band’s latest single, is one of the heaviest songs they’ve written to date, complete with blast beats and an incredibly low-tuned bass line. 

In terms of songwriting, this album is crafted just as well, if not better than their previous material and continues to show their growth as musicians. This is the first release to include their new line-up and, with that, comes a breath of fresh air. This record was entirely engineered and recorded mby the band themselves which is another impressive feat considering the production value within. The mixing duties were handed over to Randy Pasquarella (Pasquarella Recordings) and was done masterfully.

Their decision to add in guest vocalists lends well to the talents of those chosen. Courtney LaPlante (Spiritbox) lends her signature, haunting yet beautiful vocal style to fan-favorite, “Shattered Moon” in a moment where the story begins a big plot twist and conveys that in a wondrous manner. The multiple pace changes on this track give plenty to keep the listener guessing and the new mix is amazing. Additionally, Shawn Milke (Alesana/TLE) lends his one-of-a-kind vocal to the title track, “Lorn,” which feels very much like it was inspired by Alesana’s The Emptiness. While the track has a slower pace and a bit more of a melodic edge, it’s definitely one of my favorite moments on the album.

The album closes with “Sepulcher” which comes in at just under seven-and-a-half minutes and begins with a beautiful piano melody and fluttery electronics. This atmospheric, wild journey of a track really pulls you in at every turn. With the length of this track, there is a lot of versatility shown in the vocal aspect that is quite impressive. Put on display is Anglis’ incredible range, in both his singing and screaming. Additionally, while there are plenty of moments that show his more death metal style growls, there is a small section on this track that really puts them at the forefront. There is a choral chant that starts at around the 5 minute mark and ends just before a clean guitar section and vocoder effects that really ends things on a great note. 

While we will have to wait an undetermined period of time for Lovelorn: Sun, the wait for this masterpiece has proven that they aim to please their fans. Take some time to check out the music video for “Only to Fall,” and the streaming audio for “Shattered Moon,” “Lorn” and “Masquerade” below and let us know what you think so far! Lovelorn: Moon hits retailers in just two days so be sure to stream/pick it up and continue to support independent artists! 

Before I Turn are:
Alex Anglis – Vocals
Brenden King – Drums
Chris Persaud – Guitar
Julian Bennet – Bass
Jake Glenn – Guitar

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