The Behest of Serpents Gives New Energy To Death Metal With Their New Song – Starve The Skies – Out now via Chugcore

Ohio is widely known for their metal scene, and these new comers are keeping the Ohio scene proud. The Behest of Serpents have unleashed their powerful debut track, “Starve The Skies” via Chugcore today. The group is a fresh 2019 new comer that draws inspiration from Black Metal influences and blends them into their Death Metal roots. The band has been hitting the stage and making their imprint in the scene. “Starve The Skies” is an 4 and a half minute journey of pure craftsmanship for the art. The track easily caught my eye and had me replaying it quite a few times. The stunning video was created by the one and only Scott Rudd of SR.FILM. Below you can spin the musically pleasing and visually stunning track “Starve The Skies” below!


FFO: The Black Dahlia Murder, As Blood Runs Black, At The Gate.